New Years Resolutions for 2011 A.D.


The clocks ticking, and the sand is trickling. Please add your
resolution and sign it in triplicate in blood....see how we all
get on.

Me? I'm going to learn how to cook proper scrans and treat
WolfPackLeader to some culinary delights. It's about time.
You read it here first.


I am joining The National Trust and am going to do at least one visit a month with my mum or the missus.

Sort my scc unit's health and safety so we pass our review with flying colours in March.

Also carry on with fitness just in case I get my date for Raleigh next year.
Work on my Fitness in case I get a bit of luck with my application

Attempt to be nice to the Ex..............maybe

Attempt to hate Chico a little less this year

Pay off overdraft

I'm suspecting the first and the last are definately achiveable :p


War Hero
I'm gonna cut back,

Seven shits a day scoring a combined total of 11 on the Bristol stool chart can't be good.

I think I'll up the points and drop the entries.

......................................... Say's the adult.................I'm gonna crack 2 x 24 packs before falling over. :p
Try and stop being a cnut with attitude. Learn to love life enjoy my pension and catch that 30lb carp in my local lake.
Kick the wife more often and abuse the local children more


Lantern Swinger
Same old shit really.

Give up smoking (While I'm doing that I can...)
Get my ingrown toenail sorted out and pass RNFT (Which is a cog in the machine in my plan to...)
Prepare for LRCC (Which means I should...)
If I go on the next deployment, no whoring.

Not asking for much there!!!
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