New Years Honours

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SJRM_RN, Dec 31, 2009.

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  1. Recognise the two WO(Coxns) and served with John,well done,throughly deserved
  2. BZ to everyone listed, one quick question, " what is a logistician (catering services ), is this a new title for Father Famine ??
  3. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    LOG(CS) - aren't they chefs? grief, that makes me pause, I'm still serving and have to think about this.....

    BZ to all on the list.
  4. Anyone know why this AB chef has recieved an honour? Finally something to say to civilian [email protected] who laugh when I tell them I'm joining as a chef! Well done to her and the branch!

    'Logistician (Catering Services) 1st Class Rosemary Anne BRODRICK'
  5. Ollie, why shouldn't she get such an honour?

  6. You've misunderstood. There's absolutely no way I think she doesn't deserve her honour. I was merely curious about what she has done. Seeing as how I hope to be joining the branch soon, it would be great to know the backstory in order to be able to recite it to people (civilian mates in particular) who think that being a chef is not a 'real' job in th Armed Forces. If you see what I mean?
  7. BZ to those listed.
  8. Don't forget Steven Segal in that film with her with the blonde hair on some US Iowa class - chef with attitude!
  9. Casey Ryback.
  10. Is he on the list? I didn't know it was open to septics 8O
  11. I know Russ Billings very well and will have to give him plenty of grief over this award. :)
  12. A chuck-up all round for the recipients, well done.
  13. Indeed, BZ to all. The full list of all that register with most of us is at

    SERVICE - ENGLAND AND WALES had an entry that surprised me; but I'm easily surprised.

    I became somewhat irritated with the other list at , though. What does a 22 year old MBE holder have to aspire to next in her lifelong devotion to worthy things?

  14. Completed the course without killing anyone :?: :D

    Well done to all :D
  15. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

  16. She could, of course, be a steward! :roll:

  17. Ive seen what happens to Officers who upset Stewards :pukeright: :pottytrain5:
  18. I can confirm that she is a Steward and very deserving of the award. You don't need rank or be on the frontline to go above and beyond the call of duty.

    Gibraltar - local news

    Well done to all on the list.

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