New Years Honours List no RNR QVRM

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by MasterChief, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. How disapointing to note the absence in the NY Honours List of an RNR QVRM.
    Why is this, I know for a fact that there are dozens of worthy candidates, surely this is a retention negative result?

    People dont join for the gongs but the TA & RAFAUX managed to award theirs, why didnt we.??
  2. Simple answer - no-one's been put in for one.

    If the command don't nominate people (and I think people's DOs are high enough up the chain to set the process in motion) then no-one gets any gongs.

  3. Depends first of all if you're lucky enough to have a DO; secondly depends on whether your DO is switched on enough to make good recommendations (and on time); thirdly depends on your CO's ability for the same.

    The RNR thus fails to nominate anyone. :D
  4. Don't think any RNR got any form of honour in this years list. Mind you there didn't seem to be many RN either. Maybe its not our turn
  5. What do you mean no awards, did you guys not see the Sun Military awards "The Millies". What more recognition do you need than that of the "best reservist award", given to a more than worthy candidate........

    Besides I rather think a bit more forward thinking and a more coherent policy towards issues such as training and promotion etc is more likely to help with retention than the odd QVRM here and there!

    Lets face it if your're not lucky enough to get a medal whilst deployed or don't get one because you are on your second, third, fourth deployment and already have one what recognition to you get for that from the RNR itself f**k all (remember Optelic 1 and the shitty laminated certificates)...if the RNR can't sort that out I don't think you can expect the Queenie to be dishing out other gongs left right and centre!!
  6. WatchOnStopOn:

    Did you get a laminated one?!?! F**k - mine wasn't!

    You're right though! (Sigh)
  7. Send a PM and a SAE envelope shippers and I will laminate it for!!!
  8. What Op Telic 1 certificates? was this a unit thing or was it RNR driven.

    Quite right that only the deserving get the gongs, but I would have thought that there where a few deserving members out there that have given much more than they are expected to do.

    Mind you as the RNR gets smaller it must become harder to find people who have done enough to pass the criteria. Not sure if there is a certain number of awards given to military each year, but in my mind if there is i think it makes sense to award the limited number to those doing exceptional work in Afghanistan and Iraq. 2 or 3 tours of Bahrain and Dubai with a bit of Pirate hunting does not compare to 2 or 3 tours of Helmand province.
  9. Apparently those RNR who mobilised used to recieve a certificate recognising their efforts but I think i'm correct in saying that it was the current COMARES who quashed this minor gesture asking if all reservist were medal hunters. I'd hardly call a certificate a medal and you'd be correct in saying that the RN don't recieve anything like this but I personally think it was a nice gesture and a bit of a thank you for your efforts.
  10. I didn't get one, and don't know anyone at my unit who did, who was it from? mind you it took 3 attempts to get our medals correct so no suprise these didn't come through as well
  11. Warmonger: Might take you up on that - It does tend to get wet where I put it! Lol!

    The certificates were given out primarily to confirm what a reservist was doing during the dates on the certificate. It was in some way useful to prove what you were doing if there was a gap in time on a CV when applying for jobs. It was otherwise pretty crap! I'm not sure it was scrapped though as I got one from the army at the end of my last mobilisation too and that was only a year ago.

    It's still a file and forget gesture though! Shame the government keep denying the issue of a 'National Service Medal' which has been instituted in Australia and New Zealand and which has been campaigned for by Ex-Service Associations for some time now to recognise all who serve. If it's good for one commonwealth country it's good for all, but it'll never happen with the self-serving, thieving scum politicians in this country who only ever look after themselves and with the top brass too afraid of hurting their pensions to say what they really think until after they've retired (with the very honourable exception of General Dannatt).
  12. Bit of lamination and you can't wipe it clean of anything!!!
  13. Nope, I didn't get one either - mind you it would also have ended up in the Heads or stuck in a drawer somewhere like the T-Shirts that say "My Mum went to xxxx and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt!"

    And as for the New Years Honours List, all it would take would be a round robin to all COs and RSOs telling them to submit names of the most worthy from each unit and then COMMARRES could pick a name out of the hat if he didn't want to do anything more scientific. At least we wouldn't continually look like the poor bloody cousin.
  14. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    This is the second year in a row.

    Deja vu.
  15. Maybe everyone needs to get involved and make suggestions upwards as well.

    trouble is I can't actually think of anyone that I would nominate that would make it past the initial criteria stage. or hasn't got an honour already.
  16. With respect, it's worth nominating anyway - you may be surprised.

  17. Surely if they don't meet the criteria they don't merit consideration. Whether the criteria is fair, appropriate, worth being honoured is a different question...

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