New Years Honours list 2007


War Hero
Looks incomplete. The only military mentions seem to be for those retired and working in Service charities. I'll wait until the Telegraph publish their much more readable (than a 90 page Adobe file) version.

If I was on it, I'd know by now. :(


War Hero
What are the club swingers doing there? Honours for organising netball?

Wayne Okell does a lot more than take lunchtime circuits. He's been full on the last 15 years.

Top bloke, well deserved.


Lantern Swinger
Wayne Okell was the LPT in HMS Mercury in the early 90's who used to take my class for PT. He was a top guy then and it's good to see he's done so well.


Darkershadeofblu said:
drwibble said:
Surgeon Commodore Nick Baldock gets a CBE - top bloke.
:lol: Here here!

I agree - even though (when we Lieutenants together) he always pinched my pipe tobacco. His Dad and mine were old chums in Canterbury, Kent a million years ago.


War Hero
Wisk I'd been given one of them there honour thingy's. I would have sold it for a few beer tokens on Ebay.
Wonder what my LSGC medal will bring?


War Hero
Seeing as my original post was deleted coz I dared to question the award to a certain officer, I shall repost this.

Well done to Wayno who has done an awful lot for promoting Rugby League in the RN and a who lot more besides. Congrats mate.

I shall now have to bite my lip and not make a comment about one of the awards to an officer whom I know and is NOT deserving of such an award. :) The old school tie and back slapping wins again.