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At midnight on 31 Dec in the home ports, we have normally seen RN ships' searchlights playing in the air and heard ships'sirens for the next minute or so, but this year in Portsmouth there was nothing to be seen or heard.

With 2 carriers and several Fs and Ds alongside I rather expected a bit of the traditional noise and hullabaloo. Was this a cost-cutting measure, or were the duty officers all grinches?
I was duty on NYE. We did the thing with the sirens and lights, but not a lot of other ships in Guzz did. Suspect an element of grinchness amongst the OODs.
I was out in Guzz NYE and it was V. quiet. Hardly anyone out, either civvy or Jack. I expected to be queueing 12 deep to get a drink but didn't have to wait once to get served. Seemed unatural for a NYE. I don't know if there was anything going down up on the Hoe, but the Barbican and strip were both quiet.
Most probably modern day Jack "If I aint getting paid I aint doing it" and a combination of not having a messdeck camaradiere and sitting on their lonesome playing xbox or watching a dvd

Remember it is no longer a life on the Ocean Wave but a wage on the sea Mon - mid day Fri no weekends

The fact someone was proud to post got £200 for a weekend Sub sums it all up

No doubt if the brown stuff hits the fan they may pull together, but more to save their own skin than their oppo's and Jack as Jack no longer exists it is a job that pays the mortgage/Buckfast money

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