New Yank working rig

The_Jimmy said:
The Aussie DPNU uniform isnt so bad now that I have seen this USN version. All we need now is to see the poms new kit.... :w00t:

At least you guys had the good sense to put reflective tape on the rig…


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Why do they have two different colours?

Im confused is this poster for some officer to say "i want this this and this option" for the design? Because other wise you going to never have anyone looking the same with the amazing choice of pockets, colours, colars, t shirts and god knows what else.

I'll stick with 4's thanks (or 8's as my dad keeps telling me)


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this maybe shore rig only, and not replacing the seagoing kit. When deployed in theatre, and they have as many augmentees ashore as we do, they wear a very outdated version of US combats. The USN people I was working with last year were talking about this, as the USAF had just produced their version.

Do you mean to say, I hear you ask, that the US Army, USMC, USN and USAF all have their own version of combats, and that they don't all wear the same like we do? You betcha they do - they turn inter service rivalry into an art form....


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Silver, what would be the point of wearing blue camo kit ashore? Leave alone the idiocy of wearing it on board. I can only assume some Congressman got this through for a clothing mfr in exchange for a vote on something WGB wanted. This kit makes no sense whatever, it's just walting.
Well according to this signal the USN are losing there white, blue and khaki uniforrms.NAVADMIN 004/08 announced the following major Navy uniform changes in 2008

- Navy Working Uniform (NWU). A blue, black and gray digital pattern uniform will be issued to all Sailors. It replaces both the wash-khaki and dungaree uniform.

-Physical Training Uniform. All Sailors will be get a Navy PT uniform for the first time. The PT uniform should be available in exchanges during spring of 08.

-E-6 & Below Service Uniform (SU). Junior Sailors will begin to replace the summer white and winter blue uniforms by a year round model called the Service Uniform. The new uniform consists of a khaki shirt, black pants, garrison cap and pin on collar devices.

The Service Uniform and Navy Working Uniform will be phased in to the fleet over the 24 month period. The Service Uniform will begin in summer and the Navy Working Uniform will begin in the winter of 2008.

Active duty enlisted sailors will receive the first of two increases in their uniform allowance of approximately $300 to cover the cost of purchasing new uniform items. Reserve sailors will be issued uniforms once they become available. Officers are required to pay for the uniforms.

the new USN service uniform (SU) first day of release Nov. 15 Pearl Harbour.

The new SU is intended for year-round wear and will replace the summer white and winter blue uniforms worn by E-1 to E-6 Sailors throughout the fleet.

The mandatory wear date of the (SU) for all E1-E6 personnel is July 2010

USN BDU-style (Battle Dress Uniform)

USN NWU (Navy Working Uniform)
they are mostly Digital Pattern - Dominant Blue or Digital Pattern - Dominant Grey

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