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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Wee-lad, Jun 8, 2016.

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  1. Hi there i am applying to the navy in August and my i am trying to get my fitness up and i am planning to start an entire new workout regime so here it is

    Monday wake up early bells and run 3 mile at a slow jog, then in a few hours a push up circuit which consists of 20 wide arm push ups,15 knuckle push ups, 10 finger push ups and 5 clap push ups then after that 30 seconds of burpees then 30 seconds of shadow boxing continue for 2 minutes then rest for 1 min and do 3 more times

    Tuesday wake up and do 12 50 second interval sprints with 1 min 45 sec jog in between then burpee routine

    Wednesday wake up and do 3 mile then after do sit up circuit which has 40 sit ups,30 cross arm crunch, 15 bicycle crunch and 10 half sit ups then burpee routine

    Thursday wake up and do interval run then burpees

    Friday wake up and do 1.5 mile as fast as i can then burpees and 4 sets of 10 pull ups

    Sorry for the long post but i need advice as to whether this is too intense or is it good workout

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  2. Forgot to mention that Saturday and Sunday would be rest days

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  3. Depends on your current fitness level - set the bar too high to start with and if you can't keep up/stick to your routine it'll knock your efforts... Also going from zero to twice daily workouts increases your risk of injury if your body isn't used to it. Monday-Friday training worked for me, fitted around work and most weekends off fitted around my social life. Now I've chucked the job and been training/keeping my level of fitness up for almost 2 years, not only can I wander around tesco in the middle of the day for no particular reason, if I want to train twice in the same day, I know when my body can take it Best of luck with your application

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  4. i think i will ease myself into it so i don't get injured, thanks for the advice

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