New Wembley worth the wait

Big concrete place with a green bit in the middle, no parking (worth talking about) not enough loos, and a burger at a fiver, nasty plastic seats.
Onwards and Upwards?
I go to Nou Camp to watch Barca and it is no better; damn cold in the winter and they only serve low alcohol beer which is hideous muck; the food is almost entirely of the naffest kind of U.S. based junk food.
All stadiums are pretty much set up along the same lines, but at least you are only there for a couple of hours; except perhaps yesterday when a boring match was stretched way beyond the limits of my dogs patience.
They could have put on a better display for an opening match.
Couldn't help noticing that the one goal yesterday was scored by a player with the first name of Didier.
Could it be that a frenchman playing for a foreign owned London based football team has won the FA cup?
What happened to Roy of the Rovers.
brigham600 said:
The 'Frenchman' is actually an Ivorian mate. ;-) I agree with the other parts of your post though.

A country with an awful lot of french culture including the language, capital Abidjan. I used to go there when I worked for British Caledonian airlines and it was one of the better places in Africa.
He did well to bring some life to a dull game.
A concrete box in which to play games = stadium; posh it up and it'd be a theatre I suppose, and not quite right. No need for hats and scarves etc.
Mind you some of the football players would make pretty good ballet dancers :lol:
Lister said:
I will let you know whats its like after June 1st.
I managed to get a ticket for the England v Brazil game.
Me too!

Also got one for the England U21s vs Italy U21s.

And the Muse gig!

Three times so far this year, also if the London Rugby Teams have their Double Header at Wembley I'll go to that, or at Twickenham, depends on my BRNC entry date.

But on my first visit, when there were only 60,000 it was pretty amazing, except the food was over priced and poor for what you got. They need to sort that out.

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