New website for matelots going weekenders

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Dockyard Oyster, Mar 13, 2014.

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  1. Brand New Website for military personnel seeking passengers or lifts up the line.


    In response to concerns about security we have implemented a new posting system that doesn't require the person posting a lift to post their phone number or email address.

    ***New Security Feature***

    The first time you offer a lift or answer a lift offer you will be required to sign up to DISQUS. This is to enable you to receive replies by email. The sign-up process literally takes about 20 seconds, is dead easy and you wont have to leave the site in order to do it. This function has been implemented in order to preserve your Personal Security.

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  2. Nice website, hope it takes off! I will look forward to using it in the future

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  3. Cheers mate. Thanks for your support! Don't forget to pass it around.

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  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Made into a sticky - you may also want to post it on the PRMC Forum Royal Marines - How to join the elite Regular and RMR Commandos, to ensure Royal is included and maybe the Once A Marine website: Login Required | Once A Marine

    The only thing I'd caution, at risk of being a Granny, is the old 'Persec' issue with regard times, places & phone numbers. Appreciate all pick-ups are intended to be in bases but timings & contact numbers are probably best done by private message.
  5. Thanks mate. I see what you mean about persec. I'll look into getting that sorted. Thanks for the sticky.

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  6. Great idea Oyster, you should extend this to the RFA lot in training too at Raleigh etc. (Cue a plethora of silly comments about trainees not getting weekend leave!!!)

    They dont do duties etc and secure at 12 on a Friday.
  7. Great idea :)

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  8. Cheers for the great idea about RFA and Raleigh, gonna crack on looking into that now.
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  9. Aaron is the 1st to post a lift on the website! If you're reading this Aaron, thanks for your support!!!
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

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  11. As good of an idea as it seems to be wants wrong with Harry Weekenders? Although not fool proof also gets around the security issues as you can see if you have friends in common etc.

  12. I'm sorry Danny, not quite sure what you mean I'm afraid.
  13. Great idea!

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  14. Seems a good idea, but would suggest some care is taken re insurance. The website covers the subject of legality in its FAQ section; it would seem that as long as the amount charged is within the cost of fuel/depreciation etc there should be no problem. If the possibility of profit occurs, this could invalidate your insurance cover. includes a template latter for individuals to contact their insurance company to be on the safe side; I am attempting to include a link but apologies if my IT skills aren't up to scratch.

    People accepting lifts might also need to be aware of the insurance aspect.
  15. Its a well used facebook page that people use to offer lifts or ask for them; i only know as it appears in my newsfeed on facebook alot!
  16. Hi Danny, after visiting Harry Weekenders I can see that the main difference is that on that page it lists lots of different lifts from and to lots of different places and anyone who requires a lift has to trawl through them all in order to find a lift to where they want to go.

    Homeward Bounders, on the other hand, allows (or will allow when more interest has been generated) people wanting lifts to search only the lifts going to their destination thus saving time and being more user friendly. Homeward Bounders is specifically designed for lift sharing between service personel with a particular structure as opposed to a whole load of random lifts posted in no particular order.

    Please also be aware that Homeward Bounders, although operational and working on generating interest and users, is in the first day of it's BETA phase. Any site or program that is in BETA is in testing to work out bugs or identify needed modifications or changes. This allows the programmers to correct the bugs before the site or program goes to 'final release'. BETA sites and programs also provide 'Feedback' links so you can comment, report bugs or other problems, and make site imporvement recommendations. So please rest assured that when the site comes out of BETA I will have rectified any issues associated with security etc. That being said, the issue that people have already mentioned regarding security is a minor one relating to posting where and when you are leaving a place. People and cars leave military establishments constantly and I can't see that there is much of an issue with anyone knowing that there will be 'a car leaving the dockyard at 1600 on Friday'. However, others believe there may be a potential issue with this so I am looking into ways of changing the website format.

    All the best,
  17. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    What is your data protection policy?

    Make sure that if you collect personal data you have consider your privacy policy. The Info Commissioner likes to issue fines.
  18. Cheers for the heads up.

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  19. Since I've been on here I get loads of offers of free cash, mostly from Africa. Glad to know the CO's have my best interest at heart :)

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