New weapons kit for RM

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by whitemouse, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. Latest NN on line has an article on a new landrover for the RM, called a WMIK (?) Weapons Mounted Installation Kit.

    Apparently the Royals testing it consider it is on steroids.

    Looks a bit like the old LRDG from WW2, and probably a later version of the GW1 rover - I wonder why they just didn't call it The Armed Landrover ?

    MoD and it's titles ... !

  2. WMIK has been around for a while, the mounting kit can take a number of different options.

    There is possibly a new version around, though.
  3. NN up to date then ?

    I can still remember the little Citroen pickups we carried on the old Albion in the 60s..
  4. Your right mate - WMIK has been around for ages.

    Its basically a 110 Landrover with a mount in the back for the 50 cal and a GPMG on the passenger side. There is a new bit of kit out - looks pretty mean - but has mixed reviews. The main gripe being it has no real protection against IED's. I will find some pics and post them up. Wait out.
  5. This dates back to the '70's and I think that they were made/converted by a firm in Cambridge.

    I can remember one of them being tested at Pontrilas, fitted with a 7.62mm Mini-Gun. It sorta worked but the Pink Panther moved a lot even with the engine switched off and the hand-brake on. Plus with a cyclic rate of 6000 the ammo supply was a problem so they went back to a couple of GPMG's


    I think that Royal also tried firing 84mm Charley G's from canoes once upon a time but that is another story :thumright:

  6. Look forward to hearing that dit Bergs!!

    Couple of pics for you lads. The first is Royal on a Landrover WMIK, armed with a 50 Cal.

    ..............and the second is the new Supa Cat MWMIK (Mobile Weapons Mounted Installation Kit)

    Can also be mounted with a 50 Cal or a Grenade Launcher in the back and a GPMG in the vehicle commanders seat. It has a top speed of around 80mph I think.

    I think it looks quite mean and heavy, but there is a real lack of protection from small arms fire and/or IED's. One would have thought that the first improvemnt to the Landrover would be armour for the driver and Commander? Maybe thats just too much common sense!!

  7. Good photo Spenney but I thought that only the British Army camouflaged their faces and left in their shiney cap-badges as aiming marks :thumright:
  8. I don't think they are Royals:

    The beret badge on the passenger doesn't look correct (no lion & crown above the wreath ?), and they look a bit 'chunky' to be lean mean fighting machines - probably all that riding about in luxury vehicles .. ;)

  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Talking of Landrovers, shiny beret badges etc,. Anyone ever noticed you can tell a "Reserves" vehicle at a glance?

    Yup, they're the only ones who have the time to paint the wheelnuts red or put big black stripes all over it.

  10. Hehe love it

    Pinkies and dinkies lol. A hand painted landie bergs, just up your street mate!! Did you used to nip across to Pontrilas timber supplies for the wood to rebuild your kleppers mate as i know how underfunding you shakies were/are. :thumright: :thumright:
  11. They are definitely "Chunkey-Monkeys" and could never be confused with "The real, steeley-eyed, dealers of death, destruction and mayhem"


  12. Who are they then ? If we could get a close-up of the badge ... At first I thought they could be Legionnaires ( also wear ' beret vert ' with their own badge : ) but then saw they were wearing DPM.

    Also, Royals wear the Globe and Laurel above the left brow.
  13. they're Royal Green Jackets I believe - Rifle Green Berets....

  14. AKA "The Black Mafia" :bball:

  15. Come on lads........I wasnt suggesting for a second that they were all Royal.!!

    The chaps in the front are Green Jackets but the bloke manning the 50 Cal is wearing a Commando Green beret. If you dont believe me also check the Para Wings on his right sleeve. Now unless your UKSF, only candidates who have passed P Company or the Commando course can earn their wings.

    Bergs perhaps he is an Army Commando? I thought Royal because the WMIK was being tested for the Coprs deployment to Afghanistan. See second picture and links (which also state RM).

    Edited to add: Although at second glance, I cannot see the Royal Marines Commando Flashes above his Para Wings.
  16. plus i've never seen Royal wear his beret like that; but the 'flat cap' style is all the rage amongst Percy.....
  17. Agree there mate. Ive only ever seen the flatcap style once with Royal and that was a Marine from BPT.
  18. The blokes probably All Arms trained although he could use his lid as a frisbee to lob at the enemy if all else fails!!!

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