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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Hannahmontana, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. For those of you interested in getting cheap tickets for sports,concerts and theater events ,I just noticed that discounted tickets are available on
  2. Hi, Everybody A trip to the camel races, which take place on Thursday and Fridays during the winter months, can be One of the most memorable highlights ...
    Sports is hugely popular in Dubai, and more so motor sports, which is more often than not practiced on city streets. So ...
    The Dubai Autodrome is designed to cater to all kinds of motor sports, world-class to local. It is the first fully integrated motor sports facility with an FIA sanctioned.

  3. Turn it in sport we have 60 racecourses in the UK. Featuring the finest races in the world, we invented the sport of kings/bred for the Purple.
  4. First of all this was a pointless post, as it is clearly advertised for the US
  5. Hallo,
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  6. MLP you cnut, it was you all along. I binned the Mrs and bought a gin palace on tick waiting for that dosh to turn up, I even crimped a length into my DO's bats just as I was going outside thinking I'd got it made. I bet your that fcuker from Nigeria I gave my gratuity too Cnut,cnut cnut cnut aaaaaaargh :twisted:
  7. Thaniking you for donation beaurocrats many in my country. many many red tapes before moneys is released to you. your patience is my want. soon many moneys for you but waiting is unfortunate. i alkways have asking the beurocratics and telling me that soon your moneys will arrive no problem

    thank you for reading my postings.

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