Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by Yorkie_S/M, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. Recieved this email today and thought that you mght like to know.
    Please be extremely careful especially if using internet mail such has Yahoo , Hotmail AOL etc.
    This information arrived this morning direct from Microsoft and Norton
    Please send to everyone you know who has access to the internet. You may recieve an apparently harmless email with a Power Point presentation 'Life is beautiful'
    If you open it a message will appear on your screen saying 'It is too late now your life is no longer beautiful'

    Subsequently you will LOSE EVERYTHING IN YOUR PC and the person who sent it to you gained access to your name , email, password etc.

    This new virus started to circulate on Saturday afternoon.
    AOL has already confirmed the virus and the antivirus software are not able to destroy it
    The virus has been created by a hacker who calls him/herself 'life owner'

  2. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

  3. Thanks Chieftiff. Have also informed the person who sent the message.
  4. People who create computer virus programmes should be publically beaten before never being allowed near a computer again. They obviously have talent which they prefer to waste rather than to put to good use.

  5. Unfortunately you have only been able to inform the person you received it from. The majority of the remaining hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people who receive these hoax emails are still quite ignorantly "emailing it on to all their friends" as instructed, thus perpetuating this [email protected]!
  6. There is too many viruses on internet nowadays, I dont use any virus scanner there is no point as you could use any and not 1 will pick every single virus up, just do not open attachments to mail unless somebody has told you they are sending you something, dont go on free xxx sites and do not use download software that is not torrent. You cannot really go much better than that and regularly clear cookies, temp files etc from your internet files
  7. Just stick to normal websites not any that are full of ads, they tend to do alot of damage, all viruses come from the internet
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer 'Rum Ration', you mean? :?
  9. get yourself a good Anti virus programme ----Norton Internet Security
    its a bit pricey but its worth every penny . Regular update downloads and full system scans.
    There's more cookies and information seekers on the www than you would ever imagine --viruses are just malicious and a pain in the butt -- the
    cookie and info gatherers are dangerous .
    I don't use online banking ,buying online I use a credit card or paypal .
    Sending cheques is a minefield -a cheque contains all your bank details .

    Yes the internet is the best thing ever but there are a lot of high tech
    criminals out there aswell -all trying to get into your computer.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  10. Learnt my lesson from using bank cards over the net... Ive tried most virus scanner including norton net security as well as the anti virus on its own, fortunetely I can find viruses myself, but thought I would mention bits to help others
  11. You sir, are a fool.

    Norton internet security is a joke, and completely so. If you must get a Antivirus i advise AVG (google it). Or, a nice one is NOD but NOD is not free.

    Scammers will never get your bank details by a virus, its way to unproductive. They get hundreds and thousand by spoof websites. I could go into certain underground chatrooms with $100 and come out with 100 paypal accounts, non of which come from virus infections.

    First thing is people always mix up terms of virus/spyware. So lets just call them all a virus for this shall we.

    Most times a virus is to achieve a goal. This could be abusing your system resources to run tasks for the maker. Or to collect information about you and your system.

    Sometimes a virus can be to cause havoc or destroy your system. like most of the popular XP virus programs that got flooded during <=sp1 they played havoc and caused 100% cpu usage and lame shit like this.

    Forgive my mixed up ramblings as i am tired.
  12. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    You're full of shit. Thank you for cheering me up on a otherwise boring afternoon writing an Open Uni assignment. :w00t:

    BTW, my background is IT Security before anyone decides to have a pop.

    Norton AV is crap-the footprint is HUGE compared to other software. If you want the best AV about, then go and get NOD32 Anti-virus software as already mentioned.

    But for the love of god, do not listen to mongs such as mattbea proclaiming to be Subject Matter Experts :roll:
  13. So I'm okay putting any old floppy disk or CD ROM into my machine then? That's reassuring advice. :roll:
  14. mate I can, If you know so much then you should know precautions taken will minimize getting them as well as the fact if you know enough about systems then you should have no problem... and I really really do not need to prove anything here and have a geek fight with you as I have got no problems at all and just because you do IT security does it mean the guys who make norton av and all the other av's are not? and still their av's do not find all viruses?! makes me think
  15. and by the way I am a top worldwide security expert.. and computer security is my bread and butter motherf***er
  16. and i'm SPARTACUS!
  17. mattbea, you're a top worldwide security expert? fantastic, perhaps you can help me with a little problem I'm having!

    I've been trying to recompile my linux kernel to from 2.2.26, thing is I compiled the old one a few years back and lost the old makefile in a horrific spilled-tea-and-usb-stick accident. So I tried remaking the old make file to get the ball rolling, but I keep getting a

    "gcc:Internal compiler error: program make1"

    error, it's not the old sig 11 error, as I've tried memtest32 and

    "dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/null bs=1024k count=MEGS"

    but still no joy, as you're a world renowned security expert you'll have massive experience with almost all *nix based OS and this should be playschool stuff, and I'm just a moron, please help!
  18. x = unknown quantity

    spurt = drip under pressure

    Self-praise is no recommendation Mb
  19. Just try ubuntu
  20. I didn't really ask you because I wanted an answer, the question was gibberish and made pretty much no sense, there was no correct answer to give.

    Of course being a seasoned IT professional you saw that straight away. Obviously.

    Back in the box mattbea, you've shown yourself up as a chump again, move along and stop trying to look clever.

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