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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by PartTimer, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Many will be familiar with the RNs long and involved process of replacing 4s (8s for the older amongst us), the debacle that was the blue Norgy top (thankfully withdrawn) and the current dark blue CS95 that are being trialed. Don't even get me on trying to get a coat!

    THE USN seems to have jumped in the a new working uniform, details here.


    I think it looks pants - then again I've never seen the point of wearing camoflage when sitting at a desk.
  2. Agreed. I don't see how a camouflage uniform is going to protect you from a Styx or a Sunburn. And its not as if the USN is even facing off against these nowadays, is it.

    Forgive me for asking, what is wrong with the existing uniforms (both USN and RN)? Didn't they address the fire-retardence problem post-Falklands?
  3. Forgive an old man who is out of touch - why was the norgy disliked?
  4. to replace the No 4 blue working shirt shirt and trousers the RN introduced a dark blue norgy top (with epaulets for rank slides) and a dark blue version of the old green lightweights (pocket on side). There was a lightweight and heavyweight version for hot and cold climates. It lasted all of 6 months - looked a crock of shite when worn. Epaulets hanging half way down the back if the (plastic) zip waa down, big holes in the cuffs, sleaves couldn't be roled up like the shirts, and no pockets either. One wash and they just looked cheap and shoddy. COs were banning them on their ships. In the end the trousers were kept, but the norgy tops binned.
  5. Let's face it, even if we don't like dressing up like trees in Combat 95, there is no way anyone can describe No 8s (or whatever they are called now) as smart. They are also extremely uncomfortable in anything but moderate climates and a cow to iron when washed.

    While I agree the camouflage blue look a bit strange, if I know the yanks, it will be comfortable, non-iron, drip dry and last forever.
  6. It's an all over dark blue CS95 that the RN are trialling - lightweight and heavyweght versions.

    Peronally I don't mind the 4s - at least you can role up the shirt sleeves when its hot, have pockets, can button up the top button in the cold.

    That said I was quite surprised that the blue CS95 actually loooked OK. What I'm concerned about is why do we need it? I think something designed for the shipboard environment rather than just a blue version of a uniform degined for the Army (however good it is). Maybe something which has attachment points for carrying life Jacket, AGR, immersion suit, rather than hanging them uncomortable of your waste. Reflective stripes for when you're on the upper deck (and if you go over the side). There's a case for colours for different specs/levels of command (like with Action overalls). Any other suggestions?
  7. I'm not really sure I see the point of wearing camouflarge at sea.
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Assuming that this would be sea colours type camo, you'd need to give up hope pretty quickly if you fell overboard. :eek:
  9. What's the express - "What the Yanks do, we do 10 years later?"
  10. Not sure about the different colours - don't think white CS95s would be very practical. How about a white shirt and tie underneath for officers like the old battledress?
  11. RAN has Action Working Dress (AWD) which are worn by the RAAF as well. Both short and long sleeve versions and there is also shorts. Quite smart. Shirrts have eppualates for rank slides. and yes, they do tend to not sit on the shoulder if the shirt is not a proper fit.
  12. Thanks, PartTimer. Norgies were the bee's knees when I was soldiering, because of the general all-round element of comfort and cosiness, but I follow your reasoning.
  13. The 'Action rig' that replaced the No.4's was ok. The top was pants but the the trousers I think were better than the No.4's style. Only problem was that life of them was bad and they are easy to get out of shape!
  14. Trousers have been kept - the tops I think suffered from being supplied by the lowest possible bidder. And they looked pants :wink: .
  15. The tops were [email protected]! They faded in colour and ironing them grrrrrrrrr! And to be honest they were not practical for everyday work life. Wore them in the Gulf and it was baking!

    Glad some one had seen some sense :roll:
  16. the upside of the norgy is they went for a fortune on ebay!!!!!
  17. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Nah, I can't see uniform in either an all-over grey or Admiralty pattern dazzle paint being popular either :)
  18. You should all wear uniform like the ones of Star Trek - skin tight lycra. Bet the interest in physical excercise would go up a few notches after that, what with all the beer bellies and saggy bums.

    It would be a very painful transition period though.

    seriously though it is a shame that the Blue Norgie top wasnt designed better. we found them to be great in the marines. Far easier to iron and more comfortable than CS95 shirts.
  19. We should change to Nomex tank overalls - all in ones, fire retardant, relatively smart and the gung-ho types get to wear boots with them.

    Then again, they are bloody expensive and the laundry degrades the fire retardant qualities.

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