New user ...Help needed HMS EXETER


Hello ,

I joined this site in order to see if I could find out more about my great uncle Victor Albert Horwell.

He served on the Exeter when she went down,

he was in the sea for a couple of days (with a broken foot/leg) before being picked up.

He was held by the Japanese as a POW but he managed to survive the rest of the war.

I did meet hima few times when I was a kid,
as Victor had to come up to London and visit the hospital for tropical diseases.

He had tests and have his blood changed,
his health was never the same from being in the POW Camp.

I have a few old photos of him as a kid in navy uniform marching on Empire day,

and a few more of him in his Naval uniform on his wartime wedding.

I dont know how to find out what other ships he sailed on,
and if there is any survivors associations.

Maybe and it is a big maybe but someone from one the ships he sailed on might still be alive and remember him all help welcome .

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section


Thanks wave your flag ,

thats a good start ,
any idea how to find out other ships?
I know Exeter and his cap says raleigh .
I was told that was just a training ship .
I dont know if that is correct?

thanks again.


millwall said:
Thanks wave your flag ,

thats a good start ,
any idea how to find out other ships?
I know Exeter and his cap says raleigh .
I was told that was just a training ship .
I dont know if that is correct?

thanks again.
i think you can just search the site to find other ships, hms raleigh is just a training base, he would have got the hat on completion of training


War Hero
Hello Millwall,

The Red Cross hold the POW records for WWII. You can apply to them for a copy, however, they do charge a small fee. Their address can be found here on this page:

To discover which ships your uncle Victor served on you will need his service record - these records were given to the serviceman when he left service. If Victors service record is lost (I suggest that you contact family members to make enquiries first) you can obtain some information regarding Victors service via the Veterans Association.
More details can be found on their website:

I hope this helps. :)



Thanks alot lads

didnt expect to get a reply ,

Have I posted in the correct section ?

I also stuck the same post on international,

just in case someone from overseas could help.

My dad had very little info and just a few photos and thats that.

You have given me a boost in my search .

Cheers .


War Hero
I ask because Ancestry says:

Victor Albert Horwell, born 1914, Edmonton, passed away Aug 1985 Surrey.

The photograph, I think, dates from around 1939, when the shore establishment HMS Raleigh was opened.


Just on the phone to my sister who has lots of family tree stuff ,

She said that he died in Epsom Surrey .

Probley her records from ancestory.

So it seems I need the service number/records to find more.



My uncle was on Exeter as well when she went down,he aslo survived the camps.He remained in service after the war but was unfortunatly killed in an airplane crash a few years later.just looked at the link above and seen his name and he was a boy telegraphist,dont know much about him but assuming from that he must have been quit young when he was captured.both my sons are submariners one 18 the other 19 probably around the same age as he was when in the camps,would hate to think of them going through what he and the other guys did at there age.


I have found out that they have dedicated a stained glass window to
the crew of the Exeter in Exeter cathedrial.

And that 10 surviors attended back in March 2010.

Found out in another artical that there are 20 to 30 of the Exeters Crew still alive.

Cant find any info on HMS Exeter Survivors Association ?


War Hero
HMS Exeter / Macassar Survivors
Tom Jowett is now the point-of-contact for the HMS Exeter / Java Sea / Macassar Survivors. Reunions of Survivors, Widows, Families and Friends are held on the weekend closest to the anniversary of the sinking, 1st March. Anybody with any connection to 'Exeter' / Macassar survivors, whether it be wishing to join in with these reunions, share memories, or simply pass the time of day, should contact Tom.
Tom's contact details:-

email: [email protected]
phone (UK) 07802 182710
Address: 32 Melbourne Avenue,
Thornton Cleveleys,


Rum Rat your a star,

Hit the Jackpot with your last post

I spoke to Tom Jowett this morning and he was very frendly and helpful,
I have given him all the info that I have,
and will be keeping me updated with news on reunions and surviers etc .

Also managed to get his service number p/239654 now I will have to find out how to track his service history.

On behalf of me and my other family members,
I would like to thank everyone who bothered to send me a mail
and for their help and advise.

Any other ideas keep em comming.
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