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Hello ,

I joined this site in order to see if I could find out more about my great uncle Victor Albert Horwell.

He served on the Exeter when she went down,

he was in the sea for a couple of days (with a broken foot/leg) before being picked up.

He was held by the Japanese as a POW but he managed to survive the rest of the war.

I did meet hima few times when I was a kid,
as Victor had to come up to London and visit the hospital for tropical diseases.

He had tests and have his blood changed,
his health was never the same from being in the POW Camp.

I have a few old photos of him as a kid in navy uniform marching on Empire day,

and a few more of him in his Naval uniform on his wartime wedding.

I dont know how to find out what other ships he sailed on,
and if there is any survivors associations.

Maybe and it is a big maybe but someone from one the ships he sailed on might still be alive and remember him all help welcome .

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section
I have found out that they have dedicated a stained glass window to
the crew of the Exeter in Exeter cathedrial.

And that 10 surviors attended back in March 2010.

Found out in another artical that there are 20 to 30 of the Exeters Crew still alive.

Cant find any info on HMS Exeter Survivors Association ?
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