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New URNU Intake this year


Hullo! I'm guessing that you will all probably know by now if you've been accepted in this years intake - I received the good news yesterday and accordingly I'm rather pleased.

Of course dependant on medical and swimming assesment but that isn't worrying me in the Slightest.

Who else made it?

- V


Me too, got the good news on Thursday, so providing the medical gose well I'm in :w00t: . I'm joining Birmingham URNU, what about you?


War Hero
Welcome to RR!

Hope you both enjoy the URNU, it's very much a case of getting as much out of it as you put in to it.

As long as you remember why you're at Uni in the first place & try to get the balance between the two correct, you'll have a brilliant time.


Lantern Swinger
Also, welcome! You'll have great fun and URNU and, echoing Ninja's statement, put in a lot and you'll get out a lot.
Look forward to seeing you at Sports Weekend!



Oh, I'm at the BURNU too!

I must say I'm really looking forwards to it - Medical, forms and Uniform fitting on Thursday.

Does anyone know which uniforms we get? Number threes I presume, but what about the Number ones? I'm sure I've seen a picture of some URNU types in their number ones at a dinner so I presume so. And what about evening wear? I go to quite a lot of parties where either black tie or military rig is expected so will number two's be issued or will be be expected to buy our own, should we want it? Or have we no rights to wear number two rig?

Thanks for the welcome all. I'm intending to give the RN my 100% so I ought to get plenty out!

- V


Lantern Swinger
Only worth getting mess kit if you have a lot of cash and plan to stay in after URNU. To be honest destroyer rig will do the bizz. Welcome to BURNU - a first rate unit!


I do of course have every intention of staying on - the RN is very much 'the plan', but unfortunately I am no longer attached to the parental purse strings and thus must live off of my paltry Loan.

Bah to that!

- L


War Hero
Some of the students at my URNU used to rely on it as a source of additional income to help them through Uni, especially those in a similar situation to "Vampire".

The fact that people attend the Oxbridge Uni's, doesn't mean they're wealthy or supported by their families. The Universities themselves, possibly because of their shorter than average "terms"which left more autonomy & potential to fail if not properly focussed, tended to frown upon undergrads getting a part time job (such as barwork, etc.) & that's where the URNU (And OTC/UAS) helped out.

Anyway, we're each very different. The URNU's work for some but can also hinder others if you don't remember why you're at Uni in the first place.


Apologies, by the way for my rather strange screen name. Upon signing up I was informed that I could make no allusions to my real identity.

I assure you I don't have particually sharp teeth. Nor am I a 'goth'.

- L


I am really getting excited about URNU now. The more I read and hear the keener I am to get stuck in :newb:


I know what you mean. Definately sounds like a lot of fun. I may be on my own in this - but I was hoping for a bit more drill and that sort of thing, and as I understand it we won't be getting any. Useless having all of these skills if we have not the discipline to put it to good work.

- V


War Hero
letthecatoutofthebag said:
Just don't expect the CO to be out front...

Certainly at the URNU I was at we used to start off the year with loads of drill training to get everyone able to "walk" to music in time for the local Remembrance Parade. All used to go well until the Light Infantry band used to roll-up & get the hump because they weren't allowed to lead the parade, despite the fact they & the Officers Training Corps (OTC)used to try & march at a rather silly-looking pace, behind the URNU.

The OTC Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) could never get the hang of the fact the RN (URNU) was Senior to the Army (OTC) especially when the OTC had been established for over 300 years & the URNU less than ten.

Then again, he could never get to grips being told to do one by a chief stoker either, but that's a different tale.


War Hero
Correct, just to clarify, the band used to be stationary, whilst everyone marched. By lead, I meant play, but they were told to play a regular quick march not their usual gallop which used to look comedic as there were few that managed to stay in step.


War Hero
True, the OTC were bigger, but there was never a shortage of "shouty people" as we were co-located in a Tri-service purpose-built building.

Technically the OTC Commanding Officer was a full time Lieutenant Colonel to our Lieutenant & the 2i/c a full-time Major. The UNRU 2i/c, as you state, is a Chief petty Officer, which would always rankle the RSM & his loyal team of 6 full-time Warrant Officer 2's.

Have to say it's a rather busy job, but we seemed to 'muddle along' in silent efficiency without the need to bawl and shout whenever things needed doing.


Blimey! That First Sea Weekend was certainly something special. Bloody loved it!

It's quite entertaining, being able to say gash in the presence of women and not being slapped about for it...

- V
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