New Union Flag

Stripey-G wrote: Does this men that i have to fly a Ferking big condom from my house now??As one does on special occasions!!

You mean you don't already? :roll:

Sorry, I don't fly a ferking big condom from my house already!
I have the normal red light outside, used as a night light of course, and on the "special" occasions, fly the "come and get it, while you can" flag!! :oops:
(think the neighbors think I'm a pimp or sommat!) :roll:
Always_a_Civvy said:
War Canoes must fly pennants instead... every British Matelot will hand his used condom in and it will be dhobied and hung out to dry on the signal mast... :twisted:

Uuuuuurrrrrrgggggg , :shock:

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