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New Uniforms


Lantern Swinger
A couple months ago i heard a buzz going round that the corps was going to be switching over to a new digital camouflage uniform to replace the DPM S95 and such. This i was told would help differentiate between us and our pongo cousins.
This topic gave up again recently but i was told it wasn't just going to be bootnecks but everyone who wore DPM would be making the switch.
Just wondering if anyone else has heard this or is it the usual chinese whispers situation.



Lantern Swinger
Last I heard which admittedly was a while ago was that DRM was looking at this for the Corps. The USMC did it some time ago and actually put their logo into the digitisation so that the US Army couldn't use it. Not heard anything for a bit but will try and get you an update if I can. In this day and age of cutbacks and 'jointery' I can't see one Service being allowed to go its separate way. Why don't you contact the Defence Clothing IPT who should definitely know the answer on CS95 replacement?
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