New uniform replacement for PCS

A few people customised their current issue ones with the RN’s state cerimonial locket union, looked better in my eyes than what 2SL had on.
Personally I think it looks chad!

The RN stable belt - if not plain dark blue - should be the same proportions as our “official” colours

And for the smart arses out there, yes it’s a watch strap in the picture, thank you. No, it won’t go around your waist, mainly because you’re old and last saw your toes (whilst standing up) in the mid-70s…


War Hero
...and end the argument there.

Plain navy is what we have had for decades - remember the old money belt?
Change for the sake of change; Oh and for the former 2SL to have " a legacy".
The old money belt should be brought back into service.
Of course the wallet part would have to be redesigned to accept copious quantities of credit cards and the like
Think the mob wants to change the belt, as everyone thought we were in overalls in the last rig, not sure. Might look ok when we’re in green, but think it looks a little off with blue kit. Plus I hate the buckle, should be a side strap like we used to have on the original stable belt (not the money belt).


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When submariners were issued Nomex 8's after the Falklands branch badges and name tapes were still sewn on. The Nomex 8's were deemed too expensive and were binned for for cotton ones after a couple of years.
NOMEX eights were very, very robust, and were a nightmare on work up when ventilation was down for hours on end.
Yes they were fire resistant etc, etc, however, they were so stuffy and if a body was of the larger variety (I wasn’t) the were constricting.
They were very expensive. They also held a crease to last a wash.
My NOMEX eights lasted me until I left the RN. And it says something about the expense when the RN wanted them returned.
The new (again) uniform, I’ll let the current sailors pass judgment. It’s good to see rank slides back on shoulders though, that I do agree with.
As long as the rig keeps evolving and improving, and the suppliers kept honest, and one thing I’d like, the lads and lasses have a final say and the decision kept away from senior officers who will always go for style over substance!