New uniform replacement for PCS


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What I find strange, I wore Nomex flying kit most of my career, yet myself and contemporaries all had badges sewn onto their Nomex flight suits!! Why the change now!! Most aircrew had more badges than a Queens scout!!!
Because you weren’t in Harms Way. No stove flare-ups cooking sausage, etc.
Already talk of name tags with dolphins on them
Rumour months ago was branch badges would be on the name tapes, but not seen on the RNTM. Personally I think it’s more a kick in the balls for the Commandos and the Bomb disposal lot, whom actually have to go through an arduous course. You never saw RN Commandos in the old 4’s rig (green lids, officially, could only be worn at commando units, training establishments or with express COs permission in the old dress regs). Now commando flashes for AACC and former Royals are quite common to see on RNPCS. The former royals in my unit whom transferred across to the RN are not very happy at all.

Wonder who will pick up CDS for having his Command badge sewn above his name tape?
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It looks like a big of shite.
Many people had an input of what they thought of it and I didn't see one person on my unit who thought it looked up to the job or even professional.
I realise that the present shirt or jacket(call it what you like ) can be warm but to redesign it to that is beyond what is required.
In warm weather allow the shirt/jacket to be worn untucked or even taken off.
I haven't been on a ship that has allowed that yet.
I wonder about the protection offered for fire fighting duties as the old shirts allowed the collar to be worn up and velcro'd shut. Does this allow that?
quick note on velcro, its a bitch to remove if you are caught in flashover, see velcro fastened boiler suits in Falklands.