New Tri-Service Training Centre in St Athan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by mad_muppet, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. Are Fareham and Gosport in marginals then? Because theres going to be a lot of new builds going on soon, i'll wager ;)
  2. You weren't going to suggest that governments didn't tamper with the descision process in these things when there was a marginal seat to be saved
  3. Ahh but isn't it the case that the government can rightly say that they haven't actively tampered with the decision process in itself because the decision process was a MOD thing. Meaning that it was a government decision anyway?

    They can just turn around and say that the decision was taken on what is best for the MOD/efficiency/streamlining/some other utter bollocks when we all know that the bases that all services hold for training purposes are generally on PRIME sites and therefore would be sold anyway, to pave the way for the coming budgets when Broon is in charge so that everything looks rosy. Robbing Peter to pay Paul again methinks!
  4. They always say that kind of stuff, but if you are bidding for one of these things you can do your case a lot of good by for example selecting an area where it will do the government good. After all who chairs the Defence Aquisition Board (or what ever it is called today)?
  5. Thats what i'm saying mate. They do all this behind closed doors and then try to make out it was all above board once the decision is made.
    Oh its going to be fecking ridiculous there, I can just see it :(
  6. Gosport and Fareham are relatively safe Tory seats.

    With losing Daedalus, Dolphin and soon Haslar, the closing of Sultan will finally be the death of Gosport.

    Keep Striving.
  7. Well as I live just up the road from St Athan, i'm chuffed at the decision, it will do wonders for the economy here which is at best pretty poor. With regards to it making a labour seat more secure, they still won't get my feckin vote.

  8. MM, what do you think the loss of FOUR bases has done for the economy of Gosport?

    Keep Striving.
  9. I sympathise with your sentiments onions, but as i had no input when the decision was made, i'm not really sure what your getting at. My comment still stands, it's extremely bad for gosport but good for south wales. I'm sure if the move was being made in the other direction, i'm pretty sure you'd be saying exactly the same thing.
  10. Anyone else heard the rumour the empty site at Sultan is going to be redeveloped as a combined asylum seeker accommodation centre/ halfway house for recently released sex offenders? The large open areas in the vicinity of the Wardroom and SARC will become Europe's largest centre for members of the travelling community. Apparently, house prices in the district are set to rise dramatically!
  11. According to that article Sultan is staying, it implies that training will take place at St Athan and Sultan?

    Given the interesting goings on around Flagship it's nice to see someone else got the contract.
  12. It'll be another expensive cost-saving exercise which further civilianises the RN. Do the people who make these decisions honestly think there is no difference between an MEM and an RE?

    It is absolutely daft, but I suppose it follows the line of other branches - MAs, CMTs and whatever the RAF has are all now trained in DMSTC (formerly AMSTC) in Keogh Barracks.

    That, however, does not make it right. I'm glad I haven't got a house in Gosport - I can see land values dropping significantly!

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