New Travian Speed Server & ARRSE Alliance

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Ladies & Gentlemen, the new Travian speed server has now started.

During the last round, we rose rapidly to become recognised by most of the larger alliances as a force to be reckoned with and were well respected for our achievements.

Although the Alliance is called "ARRSE" don't be misled that it's purely led and played by those FORUM members, we have members from Rum Ration, E-goat and Rear Party amongst a few "select" non-members who were befriended during the last game.

For those who have not played before Travian is a free online strategy game, you can play as a Gual, Roman or Teuton where you build villages, trade, engage in diplomacy, fight wars, invade others and build alliances.

The game starts slow but as you grow and towards the end it can become quite frantic!

We have big plans for this Server and are encouraging all ARRSE Pers to join the fun.

Here a link to join the alliance:

Travian Arrse Alliance Link

Register for Speed 3x and select North West as your starting position.

Once in game message me at co-ords -30/8 in game name Monty and also PM me on here, that way we know who you are.

If you've played Travian before, could you include your Travian name and which server you played on, it would help with the vetting - thanks.

Any questions please don't be shy, post here or PM me.


War Hero
As an avid player can recommend this. BUT be prepared to speed time getting it running. After a few weeks you are knocking off armies of 10K and whacking villages that "look at you funny".

Also the ARRSE Alliance is well respected as one of the few alliances that actually works as a team and gets the job done.


Lantern Swinger
I can confirm it becomes damn addictive. Initial thoughts were 'this is pants', Now annoy the hell out of the other half by 'just going to check on my village'.

As a word of caution to all there are some folks on 5 which have taken a dislike to us. Until you get under the Wing so to speak be careful of the Intel you drop on here. Chances are they will be moving to the SS as well so Persec please people.


War Hero
Yep signed up to Server 5. Waiting for the new server.

Now all I need to do is get the JOSC to allocate more bandwidth to my ship when we sail and all will be fine.

Yes it does work via Navystar.
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