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Hi, I've been a long time lurker here and have learnt a lot from the forums but the time has come where trawling the threads (and other sources) has not yielded a result. I recently passed my psychometric tests and sift interview and am now awaiting a date for the AIB. In the meantime my ALCO has suggested researching a few topics which will be worth knowing about for the interview. The one suggested area that has me stumped is the new training pipeline which I recall hearing is coming into play in the new year. Before I contact my ALCO to ask for further details, is anybody here able to outline the new pipeline or point me in the right direction?


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This may be what he's referring to:


• A review of Initial Officer Training has been conducted by BRNC.
• With effect from 27 Apr 09 BRNC will adopt a 3 Term Entry to replace the current 6-entries per year.
• This revised scheme brings with it a number of benefits, including:

The provision of a standardised Phase 1 programme covering entry at BRNC to completion of common sea training for all YOs.
Better preparation for frontline service by enhancing Common Military Skills, Command Leadership and Management, sea-sense and Naval ethos.
Better co-ordination of a previously congested programme to allow greater focus on the key elements and themes for YO training.

1. The 3 Term Entry Scheme will comprise of:

a. A core 28-week Initial Officer Training programme based on 2 x 14-week terms for all Naval College and Direct Graduate Entries, including aircrew. On completion of this training, all officers will:

(1) Have received instruction in the Tactical Estimate and orders process.
(2) Be capable of acting as Officer of the Watch 2 at cruising stations.
(3) Be capable of acting as an Assistant Divisional Officer.
(4) Be capable of acting as 2nd Officer of the Day.

b. A 10-week combined Initial Sea Training/Common Fleet Time sea training package that will better condition officers to the rigours of life at sea and provide a baseline for later specialist sea training in Phase 2. This will be completed during Term 2.

c. A bespoke 7-week induction course for all Senior Upper Yardmen, Chaplains, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Environmental Health Officers and Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA).

2. The 3 Term Entry will formally begin on 27 Apr

Hope that helps

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