new to this life! help!!! first posting

My husband is coming to the end of his phase 2 training at Collingwood. We have been offered our sfa and will be moving from our hometown (rented house) in Essex to stamshaw early new year. I have the understanding that our removal costs will not be paid for as it's my husbands first posting but will we be entitled to disturbance allowance? Any advice would be great


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Sorry no one has replied, I have been out a while now, but that used to be the case your first move was basically yours, all other moves after that associated with a posting, and as long as the posting was more than 50 miles away would be covered by the Navy. Hopefully one of these youngsters still serving may be able to help.

Good luck with your new life


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From a quick scan of the rules he is eligible for Disturbance Allowance. In fact it looks to me that he was entitled to it for moving from phase 1 to phase 2 when he moved from Raleigh to Collingwood. Your other half needs to get his head into Chapter 7 Section 1 of JSP 752 which can be found on the Defence Intranet and is even on the internet if you google it.

Unfortunately in the RN people dont really go out of their way to tell you what you are entitled to so he needs to get his head in there and work it out for himself, then go and chat to (argue with) the Writers.
My other half is absolutely useless with this sort of stuff, it's usually me that deals with most things before he joined! I had been told different things by different people but my husband went yesterday to see whoever it was and they have said yes to both!