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Always_a_Civvy said:
Stripey_G said:
Always_a_Civvy said:
ET(WE)Pooley said:
hey steve... so y dont u tell us some more about urself..

What is there to say... Civvies lead dull, boring lives wink lol
I.m a civvy now and i don't lead a boring life, throw the bedclothes off in the mornings, spring from my bed, do 20 pressups, open the curtains to the wonderful day, fart a coupla times and fall down stairs in a snotty heap!! Now THAT'S not boring!!

Well Stripey, we can't all be Action Sailor. Mine's in his box where he belongs (can't have his beard getting fluff in it) and although I too throw off the duvet, bounce into the shower, fart like hell, I hobble downstairs. I reach the bottom and already I've forgotten why I'm there... Oh yes, I'm supposed to going off to work! Damn, I've forgotten to get dressed! Back upstairs... By the time I arrive at work I'm knackered and need to make a mug of coffee and calm myself down with a bit of Rum Rationing... Ah, that's better! D D D D D
Sorry Always....forgot to say that was only on Sundays..the rest of the week just like you!!! (amazing!!) but i don't keep my action sailor in a box ( well, not unless i'm playing cricket that is!)