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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Stripey_G, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. Being new to the site and all, just wanted to say Hi....
    (Don't even know if this is the right way to do things!!!) Oh well..
  2. welcome, we are a friendly bunch by and large - although there are some complete weirdos eg

    always_a_civvy is obsessed with hairy stokers
    andym is a trainspotter
    higthepig has shagged a french bird once and appears to be proud of it
    dubaipusser does one armed paper hanging
    bergen wears ladies knickers on his head

    need I go on?
  3. Been reading the dits from nearly everyone on this mad forum and take it as true what you say!!! (guess you'll find out i'm just as mad!)
  4. Hey and welcome onboard shippers!
  5. Hello mate I joined a couple of days ago,haven't stopped laughing since!! :D
  6. Welcome on board all just hope you all enjoy!
  7. Whats wrong with wearing ladies nickers on your head? I understood it was rig of the day when on the RR site.
    All those out of the rig of the day PROVE!
  8. Rosina

    Who I always address as ma'am insists that it is depraved only if the said knickers are worn back to front...................or in naval terminology 'arse about face'.

  9. All those out of the rig of the day report to the WRNS drying room for kit issue
  10. Whom Royal not who ...
  11. Thanks for the welcome lads and lasses!!!!I'm sure I'll fit right in looking at some of the stuff on here!
    Computers are from another planet with me (can't teach an old dog new tricks) but will try and keep up.
  12. make friends with Hig then - he is our resident computer buff!
  13. Ahoy Shackles, pull up a bollard and tell us a sea story....ok you know the rest.....I'll get my coat.

    Seriously, welcome. Get stuck in, the natives are friendly(ish).
  14. Talking of knickers........isn't that something to do with C&A??
  15. PROVE what Slim? That keks are no good at keeping you ears warm? Please translate into civvyspeak, over...

    Stripey_G --- Welcome onboard our cyber pusser's war canoe, complete with our virtual messdecks full of cybermatelots in various stages of decay, sanity and undress. Rosie forgot to point out that she has the RN's national collection of unpusser shoes, more nutty stowed in her kit locker than held in the stores of HMS Nelson and is married to a locoaddict famously known as the PO Stoker, who also has a Blue teddy Bear with a grey felt spanner.

    We have a duvets board: please post in details on your duvet on board ship, and also the name of your special sock in the appropriate thread.

    Apart from these odd meanderings into semi-sanity, we are all completely insane, apart from Levers who is currently posing as an involuntary button boy somewhere in Sir Francis Duck's Navy.....


  16. More Buff than PC :lol:
  17. That i suspect depends on whether the said pair of nicks is clean or not!! Knowing what you ladies are like with your personal hygene issues!!
  18. Sorry Steve keep forgetting you always a civie. Inaval jargon or jack speak the word prove would be asked after a question. an example would be "Whos farted PROVE!" the guilty party would be expected to admit guilt.
  19. Ah! So it's a polite way of saying: CONFESS you little bastard or else! :lol:

    Seems a good idea for the Courtroom.
    Mr Bliar, you're charged with starting an unnecessary war in Iraq and underpaying our service personnel: PROVE!

  20. Not quite Steve
    It would usually follow a question to a group of people.
    How many of you want a tot prove
    You would then expect a show of hands or a verbal response from all wanting a tot

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