New to the Site


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Being new to the site and all, just wanted to say Hi....
(Don't even know if this is the right way to do things!!!) Oh well..
welcome, we are a friendly bunch by and large - although there are some complete weirdos eg

always_a_civvy is obsessed with hairy stokers
andym is a trainspotter
higthepig has shagged a french bird once and appears to be proud of it
dubaipusser does one armed paper hanging
bergen wears ladies knickers on his head

need I go on?


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Been reading the dits from nearly everyone on this mad forum and take it as true what you say!!! (guess you'll find out i'm just as mad!)


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Whats wrong with wearing ladies nickers on your head? I understood it was rig of the day when on the RR site.
All those out of the rig of the day PROVE!



Who I always address as ma'am insists that it is depraved only if the said knickers are worn back to front...................or in naval terminology 'arse about face'.



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dt018a9667 said:
Welcome on board all just hope you all enjoy!
Thanks for the welcome lads and lasses!!!!I'm sure I'll fit right in looking at some of the stuff on here!
Computers are from another planet with me (can't teach an old dog new tricks) but will try and keep up.