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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cornwall, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. hi there im new to the forum and this is my first post been told by my local careers office that i will be going to raleigh in october to join as warfare specailist sonar submariner just wondering if anyone else is hopeing to get in around then and whether they have been given a confirmed date yet
  2. There is a thread with a list of people who've posted the dates they've been given have a look for it. You may find others
  3. many thanks for that seems i am the lucky one waiting for a date for october this compared to the waiting times for some branches
  4. And welcome

    ..........Oh and congratulations too
  5. thanks for that i know this might be a stupid question but i know my careers office have told me that i will be going to raleigh in october but does anyone know when i will be given a confirmed date and is it by letter or phone call only ask as getting excited about going and also my current job is not looking very clever
  6. Id assume you will recieve formal confirmation and joining instructions by post. But im sure one of the mods will be along to correct me if wrong. Just relax and get fit as you can. also........DONT PANIC ;) hehehe
  7. First of all cornwall well done very envious. I will hopefully be on my way to becoming a cis(sm) soon got my interview to go.

    How long ago did you start your application?
  8. hi started my application last april 09 when i sat my rt then whent on to my medical and eye test around june i then had my interview in september and my pjft was in october it has all taken quite along time but it has all been worth it just realy looking forward to geting my date and then onto raleigh best of luck with the interview do you know yet when youve got it
  9. Ah foolishly got my hopes up! :roll:

    Im waiting for a date passed my PJFT last saturday, sent the letter off that day. So just waiting really. The sooner the better!

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