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Evening all. I've been a lurker on this site for a while so thought I'd say hello.
I've recently (yesterday) taken my psychometric tests and have been told I did well enough to be able to apply for my chosen branch.
After speaking to the careers adviser, looking on the RN website and reading posts on this site I've narrowed my choice of role down to ET (WESM) and Air Engineering Technician.

I was wondering if any of the guys on this forum who are serving/have served in either of these roles, or just have any general advice or opinions on anything would be kind enough to share their wisdom.



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Welcome to Rum Ration!

Both are very transferable skills, but quite different despite the similarities in the job title.

One very much indoors (obviously) One very much outdoors- which is great in the West Indies, but less-so when the snow is hitting you sideways on a very noisy, pitching & rolling deck at night.

ET (WESM) is obviously better paid due to the "extra knowledge" Submarine Pay, but AET by far the more cerebrally demanding in phase two training & many find the classroom aspects too demanding.

If money is your motivator, then the choice is obvious, however the technical training for AET, I would venture, is probably the more transferable trade, although some would doubtless argue this case.

Personally, as a Marine Engineer, with over 23 years experience in that field, if I lived my life again, I'd go for AET if I was to score high enough in the recruiting test.

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