New to site and have a question for Newbies one and all!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bucket, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. Hi I am new here and thought I should say hello!


    Also I have a question for those that regularly use the Newbie forum.

    My other half, H, has just got a job as a Public Services lecturer at the local College. The course is supposedly designed to help those contemplating joining the Armed Forces or Public Services eg Police etc. They teach leadership, map reading, lif skills etc.

    Has anyone come across these courses or been on one? What did you think? If you went on one before joining up what else do you think would be helpful?

    I am RN and have been for 15yrs and he is ex-pongo with 10 yrs service - neither of us had come across these type of courses before so what does everyone else think of them?


    K :???:
  2. I would say from speaking to people that have been on them that they are a good grounding for public services, forces etc as long as the course is well established. There was a P.S course at my university and it seemed to be ok, there was even a visit from a couple of RM pilots from BAS. My advice therefore would be to find out whether its a long running course, and whether it has a good reputation.
  3. I think it depends on the level the course is at, there are some Public Services course which are the equivalent to 3 a levels which is the National Diploma which im currently on and soon finishing, but there are some which there is none or a very little at the end of them, the course with little qualifications in my opinion are a bit of a waste of time as they are basically doing what you do during basic training fitness, military stuff etc, they also seem to develop a sort of yobbish mentality where im at, but its probably not the same your way. My course that im on is the equivalent to 3 a levels with oppurtunities of going on to university or appyling as an officer, and if the services arent for you then you still have the a levels to sit back upon. The fitness on the other course is much greater and the work on mines more difficult and coursework but if your serious about joining up but i believe in doing the fitness in my own time, which in my eyes is a part of being motivated. But the course im on is very rewarding and has helped improve many things about myself like my motivation, confidence and even helped my way of thinking, but not everyone likes it due to the hard work involved.
  4. Woops wrote a bit much :???: :lol:
  5. hi
    I did the the PSR course (public service recuits course or national diploma in public services) about 5yrs ago. it was a good course to go on, it devloped my confidence, speacking skills, and genral knowledge of the outside and its quirks in life. I would recommend it for any body that want's to go into the public services e.g. police, fire, medics, cps, court service army, navy, royal marines, RAF wether full or part time. it was a brilllant course and I would happy do it again.
    from ship_rat
  6. Thanks for your comments, I think the course he will be teaching on is well established and run at the diploma level. Hope he can make a difference to those on the course.


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