New to RFA needing a little advice and help

Hi everyone I am looking to join up in the engineering side of the RFA as an apprentice, I have sent off my application and just waiting to hear back. I am just wondering on regards of training? How many phases etc? Salary at training? Fitness tests? 1.5 mile run? How long it would be to get the ball rolling and overall. And also I hear there is a travel expense, regarding the interview in Portsmouth can you get help for travel as I live a five hour journey away?

Thank you.


You'll be at sultan for your training not sure about apprentices or how they are going to work but think it's around 14k in training then after 2 Years goes up to 26k, no fitness test, process takes a while and yes they cover expenses to go to interview.
I'm going through the process at the moment aswell.
I applied in April, got sent some forms to fill in and send back, then at the end of April received a letter asking me for the interview at Portsmouth on the 1st of July.
They send you the expenses form, you fill it in and take it with you tithe interviews they then reimburse your money into your bank account.
I'm from Scotland so have a fair it to travel.
Firstly.. Thank you all for messaging me!
Do I go straight to sultan or would I do a phase first at Raleigh etc. I also read their is gym equipment on ship Which is good!
In the RN I know there is sports to take part in etc. Is there anything like that with the rfa?
Hi EmmaJ,

Its as ExJenny says you are employed by the MoD as a Civilian Merchant Seaman so no fitness test just an ENG1. As such you are able to get a Civil Service pension and benefits but you don't have the requirements for HM Forces. There is plenty of information around ie wikipeadia and the RN website are two good places to start. But remember the RFA is a civilian manned service.

Good Luck with your application.


Well done Emma. Playing the waiting game on whether I get an interview or not myself so I'm in the same position as you but for the position of Communications Apprentice.
Well done with the sift, if you need any advice on the AIB there are plenty of people who can fill you in. What branch are you going for? I'm starting as a deck cadet next June :)
Originally had my heart set on deck cadet but just under with the qualifications.
Been and got my degree in business administration so I applied as a logistics and supply officer which if successful I'm looking forward to ;)
Good luck, the AIBs a great experience! You'll probably be lucky and start earlier than me if all goes well, it looks like there's a considerable surplus of deck cadets this year!
Well Done ScottishChic,
Hopefully we'll be crewmates on an RFA ship at some point, all being well. Good luck on the AIB as others have said there is plenty of help on the forum for you to get ready for the interview in Oct.