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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by pinkprincess, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. Now that I am recharged after some leave and time with old friends, I can post in a better mood :) I have also decided to take it as a compliment when players approach me. They will still be told no but at least I won't be so disheartened by it. I deleted the last post because I was too p*ssed off when I wrote it.

    I don't know very many people down here. I go out with the lads on the Unit for the occasional leaving do (like last night) but would like to broaden the scope a little. I am not looking to date, I just want meet some new people and hopefully make some new friends.

    I particularly want to start singing again (I used to be in a band) and would at the very least like to do spend some time noodling around with some songs with other creative people, maybe do a few open mic nights with a guitarist - I have a rock/blues voice.

    As for friends in general, I have a wide variety of interests but I guess I would describe myself as an intellectual clubber (I am of the Hacienda generation) with a creative flair and a love of nature.

    Is there an alternative scene in Pompey? The local radio stations are all 'pop' and I am very much an XFM (Manchester) lass. Tiger Tiger was most disappointing for someone used to the Manchester one.

    Any ideas on Museums/Art galleries and other things of local interest? I am already a frequent visitor to the Dockyard, have been to the (rather poor) Charles Dickens Museum and know about Explosion and the Submarine Museum over in Gosport.

    Helpful suggestions would be most welcome :D

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  2. Hi PP,

    You could try these:-

    Portsmouth Railway Rifle Club
    Portsmouth`s brand new music venue.

    We are currently looking for local and national bands to play here and help fill our already busy diary.
    Portsmouth Railway Rifle Club

    Goldsmith Avenue
    PO4 0AW Tel No: 02392 355245

    Web Site:

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Live Music Venues

    Old House at Home in Milton do an open mic night every Thursday night, it has a great atmosphere

    Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms. No better place Portsmouth Pyramids Portsmouth Guildhall
    Occasionally the Registry for local bands. The Wedgewood Rooms and Edge of the Wedge for bigger bands and local ones as well. Small venue but nice atmosphere. The Pyramids and Guildhall tend to 'host' the biggest bands.
    The Wedgewood Rooms is a great place to catch up and coming bands. The Guildhall & The Pyramids Centre usually have several mid-sized touring bands a year. For bigger concerts, it's usuallly a trip to Brighton international Centre or London.

    Portsmouth Jazz Society offers sessions including top international jazz names (like Scott Hamilton) at "Inn Lodge", Burrfields Road next to the golf course -- phone 02392-824-373
    The R.M.A. Eastney is a good place to see mid level, blues and roots music. Check Out the Bullfrog Blues Club for the best Blues Bands, every Thursday. The website is
    every friday night at the frog on the front there is an evening called messclean a good mix of live local bands and good PA.
    wedgewood rooms is cool horse shoe was cool (r.i.p) watch out for masters of the universe, the dynamics and eves only son.
    The RMA Tavern on Cromwell road is the premier blues and rock pub in Portsmouth. Music every tuesday an saturday night FREE ENTRY.
    There's a thing called the Bullfrog Blues club on South Parade Pier, weekly. They're having Shane McGowen and the Popes there soon. Visit the barking spider promos site for more info.
    Wedgewood rooms

    Wedgewood rooms (for our sins).
    The Wedgewood Rooms, Albert Road. Loads of famous names have played there.
    Wedgewood Rooms allways has the latest bands and is allways packed out, drinks are a bit pricy tho.
    The Eastney Tavern is great when "Angie Haynes and Last Orders" play there. Keep an eye out for this band as they don't seem to gig often.
    The Wedge obviously.
    Power in the park happens in like the city next to us! Thats fun! Indigo has rock bands! Oh yeah and sometimes bands do gigs at The Guildhall and in southsea!
    september 27th 9-2.gaiety showbar south parade pier portsmouth. ?10.beamish versus oberon,matt handy versus matt loraineplus many at 07977148446
    Wedgewood Rooms, Horseshoe, Pyramids > all the worthwhile bands come here.
    Roger Courtney's Open Mike Club At The Barn, The Milton Arms, Milton Road, Portsmouth. Every Thursday from 7pm until 11pm This Private Members Club provides a venue for musicians and singers of all talents and ages to get together and have a chance to perform in front of a live audience.Everybody is welcome and if your not a musician of any sorts you can simply join the audience for a great, unpredictable nights entertainment! If you don't play an instrument but would like to sing, simply bring along your favourite backing tracks on CD and we will do the rest. So, if you enjoy music, as a listener or performer, come along to "The open mike music club" on Thursdays at the Barn, The Milton Arms, Portsmouth and have a great night out! A good quality Sound System, Keyboards, microphones etc, are all provided. Just bring your own instruments, guitars, etc if you want to play. Website Telephone Nick Courtney 02392 837730
    Still only one Wedgewood Rooms, Watch out for the gig here by The Prize.
    The Wedgewood Rooms has all sorts of gigs: comedy, tribute bands, new bands and some very old bands...
    Numero Uno....Wedgewood in the south Pyramids....good medium size acts Guildhall...mainly has been acts Contented Pig....Rocker gigs Air Balloon....You have to have loads of tats, a bike and a beard for this place The Horshoe...Good Indie scene Most of the Firkin pubs have live acts ocasionaly
    Zeus on Albert Road is a must-go place...there're salsa classes and the music is gorgeous!!!! Scandals (a basement) is small yet the music is the biggest hit on my own billboard - spanish, latin, and more!!! But sorry that i can't remember the addresses. It's near Blackwell bookshop (not the one off commercial road)
    The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea, not strictly in Portsmouth, but quite the most exciting gig venue in a considerable radius.
    Wedgewood rooms, Pyramids, Students union
    Wedgewood Rooms is a killer of a music place. Great bands play there frequently. The Pyramids also play host to big names such as 'Babybird', 'Symposium', 'Skunk Anansie' and loads more.
    THE Garage

    Albert Tavern, South Parade (02392 732283)
    Regular live music - ring for details

    Alma Arms, Highland Road, Eastney
    Regular live music

    Bullfrog Blues Club, Albert Bar, South Parade Pier, Southsea (02392 43626)
    See below at South Parade Pier

    (The) Cellars, Eastney, Southsea (02392 826249)
    Regular live music inc:
    Sat 1 – The Mods – Classics from 1964 – 1970
    Sun 2 – Haunts + Sharks – Rock/punk
    Mon 3 – Tom Hingley – Of Inspiral Carpets
    Thu 6 – Coconut Records Showcase
    Fri 7 – Stanton Moore Trio – New Orleans drummer
    Mon 10 – Pulled Apart By Horses + Hold Fast – Rock
    Fri 14 – Shegotsick + Deaddoginblackbag + Ultra Foxy – Hip hop/rap
    Sun 16 – The Visitors + Bemis + more
    Mon 17 – Wed 19 – All About The Song – Singer-songwriters competition
    Fri 21 – Dennis Locorriere – The voice of Dr Hook
    Fri 28 – Radionhead – Radiohead tribute

    Chicago Rock Cafe, 84 Palmerston Road (02392 865577)
    Regular live music - ring for details

    Eastney RMA Tavern, 100 Cromwell Rd, Southsea (02392 826246)
    Regular live music mainly blues:
    Sat 1 – County Line – Southern boogie
    Sat 8 – Stompin’ Dave Allen
    Sat 15 – Burnt Ice
    Sat 22 – Creamy – Cream tribute

    Fountain Inn, 34 The Green, Rowlands Castle (02392 412291)
    Jam Sessions on Tue/Wed, live duos etc Fri/Sat

    Kings Theatre, (02392 828282)
    Wed 12 – Wizard of Oz
    Thu 13 – The Big Chris Barber Band – Jazz
    Fri 14 – The House of Burlesque
    Wed 26 – Pinocchio

    New Theatre Royal, Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth (02392 649000)
    Thu 6 – Hold Fast + The Downing Street Years + Plat du Jour

    Portsmouth Guildhall, Guildhall Square (02392 83477)
    Sat 22 - Pompey Beer Festival

    Pyramid Centre, Clarence Esplanade, Southsea (02392 799977)
    Regular live music – ring for details

    Rosie’s Vineyard, Southsea
    Jazz Sunday lunchtimes

    South Parade Pier, Southsea (02392 8638911)
    Thu 7 – Larry Miller – Blues rock

    Wedgewood Rooms, Albert Road, Southsea (02392 293301)
    Wed 5 – Zebrahead + Kids Can’t Fly + Bigtopp
    Thu 6 – Showcase 09 – Heat 8
    Fri 7 – Wedge Comedy Club
    Sat 8 – Natalie Imbruglia
    Sun 9 – Euro Rock – The Saffrons + Thalamus + Make It Real
    Wed 12 – Showcase 09 – Heat 9
    Thu 13 – Showcase 09 – Heat 10
    Fri 21 – Wedge Comedy Club
    Fri 28 – Kojacs Revenge Summer Beach Party

    Hope this helps


  3. I always try to catch the Portsmouth Players' productions at the Kings Theatre and they are ever on the look-out for 'new' talent (link).
  4. Cool!

    Thanks for that, I reckon that lot will keep me busy for some time to come :D
  5. Is there a Chicago Rock Cafe in Portsmouth aswell or is that the one in Fareham?
  6. I went in the one in Macclesfield on a work's do once and once was enough :wink:
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'd recommend the Mucky duck for a spot of culture but unfortunately the last time I was in pompey and popped in for a pint it was deserted, also the very good late night "cafe on wheels" that was parked outside in the carpark had turned into an office block.

    The Royal Marines museum is always worth a visit, followed by a game of pitch and putt before hitting the pubs.
  8. Pitch and Putt sounds too much like golf for my liking. It's not a sport I fancy and I shan't be frequenting any pubs in Pompey alone!
  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    :lol: I did click the quote button, but decided not to reply to your call for friendship.

    Remember London is only a pair of hours away and has loads of shows.
  10. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yes, anyone can hide text.
  11. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

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