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harry southwood
boats from 54 tapir 1956 andrew 56 58 telemachus 58 60 in aussie sea scout 60 62 truncheon 62 65 firt 3 boats as gl3 truncheon as fore endie.

dont let the fact that you are new to computers deter you..
you will find all the help on here or on my side of the board (ARRSE).
just remember that anything and everything that is said on these boards is just like being back in uniform again stood at the bar in the naafi.



Lantern Swinger
Welcome aboard Harry you old bugger. It's great to see you finally made it on line. Harry is an old oppo of mine from the Merseyside SA and one of the longest serving members of our branch and a good hand. Get yourself victualled in mate you will enjoy it here in good company. Catch up with you on the 31st okay?

Red Sailor

:thumright: Happiness is being underway and underwater :thumright:
Welcome to RumRation Harry,don't get too clever with that computer or Pedro will have you running the branch website. Did you give away the Special Duties-Tanky job to go For'endie on that last boat ?
Give the Oz boys regards to Mick Jones ai the next meet.

Regards aye


Lantern Swinger

Did I hear someone taking my name in vain? Good to hear from you mate; how's it going ? I'll bet you lot are throwing another shrimp on the barbie about now aren't you - you lucky buggers? LOL. It's brass monkies up here I can tell you. Spoke to Mick Jones yesterday and our leprauchan ping bosun is doing just fine. He seems to be having a period of remission and is looking forward to branch events etc, which is really good news. A Happy New Year to you and the remainder of the Magnificient Six down under.

Yours Aye

Red Sailor
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See what you have started now Arry a Scousers Page hidden in the Submariners Forum. Next they will want their own Private, by invatation only Forum.

Welcome Arry

Now you Scousers get back in yer box and pipe down.



Lantern Swinger

Pipe down indeed! Bit harsh to ask of such a verbose breed as Mickey Mouses isn't it? . No aspirations to attempt a coup d'etat on the board mate so Caaalm Down alright? Can't believe that 'Arry has got two threads going on him here and hasn't even touched his keyboard yet LOL.
We shall have to light a fire under him locally for a windup.

Red Sailor
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