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New SUY Rank and seniority


Lantern Swinger

This was news to me until yesterday and I work at BRNC, so I did some digging and it is Harry van safeguard, gen dit.

From April 2013 (the current SUY intake onwards) SUYs will join and leave as Sub lieutenants with 6 months seniority and get picked up to lieutenant via non-selective promotion two and a half years later.

Pay wise SUYs will still be paid via the OCFR 15 level pay table (JSP 754, para 05.0305) which is split in to 3 levels (0-12, 12-15, 15 plus years) these pay and allowances start the day you join BRNC, you will remain on the pay table as a SLT and LT until LTCDR.

To make sure I was interpreting it correctly I spoke to someone who is part of the whole DACOS PROMS and my RA.

Below is a screen dump of the following reference : BR3, chap 49, para 4912 section E.

Also JSP 754, sections 05.0305, 05.0307, 05,0308 Bravo. For pay, Annex a-5.

Intersting reading, not very well communicated.


Lantern Swinger
Spot on, I can only assume the BRd is out of date / getting updated. The direction from the RA was pretty gen.


Looking at this from the "playing the long game" perspective I don't think it really makes much of a difference, standfast the part about being a Sub Lt post BRNC.

As they've now reduced the number of years seniority as a Lt to be eligible for Lt Cdr from 6 down to 4 this almost cancels out the 2 years as a Sub Lt so you will be eligible for Lt Cdr around the same time after commissioning and have the same number of shouts in zone during an IC.

As we are on the OCFR pay scale until Lt Cdr there looks to be no impact on salary and you should get a couple of looks at Lt Cdr before topping out on OCFR level 15.
So - we're going back to where we were about 20 years ago. I spent nearly 2 years as a seagoing SD S/Lt; no-one tried to treat me as one (well, apart from a couple of dabber Lt's and they got ignored anyway)


Lantern Swinger
SJRM - I think your right, as I interpret it the SUYs will still carry out the same training and receive the same pay, so the RN are not saving cash in this process, just that the new SDs will not be LTs for just underm3 years.

4kt - unfortunately I will be working in the world of dabber LTs and one day (roughly oct 2016) will be one!
Buit (hopefully!) you'll not be a wet behind the ears, straight off of your last course and ready to conquer the world, full of yourself, arrogant, young fool (as I have experienced on more than a couple of occassions, and put a few back in thier box too!)


Good, well done you. Remind me of your years of experience as a Dabber SR to really add value to our junior Officers' education and understanding of their chosen career.
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