New Surgeon General - is an Admiral

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For those (standfast the Moderator!) who may not have seen:


Surgeon Vice Admiral Philip Raffaelli has taken charge of the Defence Medical Services in succession to Lt General Louis Lillywhite (L/RAMC) who will be retiring from the Army shortly.

A Scot who graduated from Edinburgh University in 1979 via RN Medical Cadetship scheme, Admiral Raffaelli joined the Submarine Service and spent much of his early career in nuclear submarines.

He then held a number of shore-based appointments including a period in PJHQ and the post of Medical Officer in Charge of the Institute of Naval Medicine in Alverstoke. He attended both Staff College and the Royal College of Defence Studies. Admiral Raffaelli was promoted to Surgeon Rear Admiral in 2004 and appointed Honorary Physician to Her Majesty the Queen in 2005.

In a letter to all those in the Defence Medical Services, Admiral Raffaelli said:

“I am honoured to have been selected as your Surgeon General. I’m clear that providing medical support to our people in Afghanistan is our Main Effort. I am hugely impressed by the care and support that is being given to those who return with sometimes life changing injuries. Equally, I am immensely encouraged by the considerable goodwill across the Single Services and outside MoD to help us succeed – and succeed we will. “

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