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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by razzaefc, Apr 6, 2013.

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  1. Good afternoon people, hope some of you had the winner on the national, highly unlikely I know. Anyway, im due to start my basic training 6th October, cant come quick enough, although, as of march 2012 when I fist signed up I cant help but feel that allot of the things I've heard about the navy, particularly the submarine service seems to be negative, people not enjoying it etc. Im a plasterer by trade owning my own business for the past 5 years. I went travelling a couple of years ago and met my current girlfriend who lives in plymouth and whos dad was in the navy for over 20 years, thats how the idea came about. Really looking forward to this career change but was hoping to get some feedback on what you all do and dont like about the submarine service. Sorry to go on. Thanks
  2. I'm in the same boat as you, pardon the pun. I know during the prnc people going on boats have a talk from what I've read, what this entails im not sure.

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  3. Enjoy the navy and plaster at weekends when your not deep or duty obviously. All the sub pay and plastering you'll only be paying 45% tax from today!!!
  4. Sorru but how old are you and why did you give up your own business to join boats?
  5. Being a submariner in today's RN generally involves being away from home and your loved ones for extended periods of time.There will be good times with your shipmates but also long periods when little happens and boredom can set in.How youself and your family deal with this situation will dictate how you handle being a submariner.I have no idea how good busines in the plastering trade is at present but if it pays the rent and puts bread on the table think long and hard before having a complete change of lifestyle because a life underwater doesn't suit everyone however good the pay might seem.
  6. Good luck to you in your new venture from one of the old'n'bold.
    (At least you won't be "skimming"). Excuse the pun.

  7. Im 27 this year, I've been plastering since I was 17, yes it does put bread on the table and to a certain degree lets me live without money issues, but saying that, I dont own any property and no majour outgoings, the money I do save allowed me to take 12 months out to go travelling, which I love. The building trade as you probably no is hit and miss, I dont consider it stable and I do want the reassurance that when I do have a house, kids etc I will have a regular income. As already stated, I can always do weekend work with time off etc. My reason for wanting to join the navy is again to get the chance to travel more, I recently spent three months in africa and previously 12 months backpacking so being away from home/family I think I can cope with. I feel like I've hit a wall withing plastering, its second nature to me, I dont enjoy it like I used to, I want a new challenge. Everything about the submarine service appeals to me greatly, but like I said in my original post I cant help but feel a lot of negativity towards it, which is why I was hoping for you lads to change my mindset.

    I read that the submarine service takes a special type of person!!!!
    Is it wrong that I want to see if im that type of person other than the person who spreads shit on walls.

    Sorry again for the long reply, but you did ask, and thanks for the responce already?
  8. Hey, I should start by saying that I am not & have not been a submariner, and I am still in the application for the RN myself so I can only pass on what I have heard from others, so take from it what you will but bear that in mind :) My ex was on boats, I met him when he was training and we stayed together for 2 years after, he loved training and met some 'awesome' people- created a brotherhood almost where they spent so much time together. When he first joined he found it really hard though, obviously no place to go to clear the old noggin and little contact. He didn't have that many runs ashore or see many places but that could have just been his draft, not overly sure on how that side of things typically plays out. His words were that you earnt every penny, but he is still in and seemingly happy enough might see more of the world on ships maybe? Although I guess it's not guaranteed, I live in Pompey and have met a lot of sailors, the ones that are unhappy tend to be those who joined as their first job, or those who saw it as a way to cruise round the world. Realistically you get sent where you are needed, and its a job so have the work side too haha. Can't comment any further as I have yet to experience it for myself! Probably not a hugely useful post so apologies, but hopefully people on here will have some useful bits and bobs to add, or an idea of where you can perhaps get a bit more of an insight before you commit.
  9. Every post is useful so far, including yours so thanks. Im not expecting it to be an easy ride, the challenge excites me as much as scares me. The furthest place plastering has taken me Is scotland (im from liverpool) so I consider anywhere further afield a bonus.
  10. Well done sir billnomates I like that! Haha
  11. Yeah, the other thing to consider is that it is better to have a few years in then a lifetime of regrets not giving it a bash. I guess it's what you make it a bit!
  12. What boat, which Bill?

  13. [My bold] guess where you'll see a hell of a lot of (and not many other places, apart from the inside of your boat!) as a submariner :wink:
  14. Billy, is that bloke on the far right Tony McC ?.

    And to razz, don't forget you're going to end up in Faslane and if you want to go on foreigns, avoid bombers like the plague.
  15. I think I can see where you're going wrong with the plastering job!!
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  16. I see what you did there.

    Slight tangent, I'd never have a scrap with a plasterer - I did a morning plastering with the brother of my long-term-until-today-because-it's-not-fair-on-hubby fuckbuddy and my biceps were *out here*.

    As the right one will be again soon no doubt.
  17. I never said scotland was a bad place, although my mate whos a skimmer compared Faslane to a shit version of liverpool, make of that what you will.
    I hope to god I havent been told false information in that as a submariner I wont get to see parts of the world excluding the uk?
  18. Don't recall saying I was going wrong, you'd be surprised what people are prepared to pay to spread shit around a wall.
  19. You'll get to see it, just the jollies are fewer than skimmers enjoy. Submariners have it worse on jollies though as we have to live in hotels and get paid for doing it :)
  20. Some kind fella offered me a plastering job once, well I was drunk and all I got from the conversation was something about a plasterer's radio- but I assume he was offering me a position working within his company which was polite of him; what a fine young man :)
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