New Submarine model in Aluminium

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by rod-gearing, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. [​IMG]

    If any one is interested in buying one of these which I have had made up at a local factory please PM me with your requests etc.

    I have had 10 made from my original at a cost of £10 each so if you want one its only £10 plus postage.
    They are very light and are in their rough state so you can polish them up or paint them black,pink yellow or whatever.
    If painted they require Zinc Oxide primer first.

    If demand outstrips supply I'll get some more made up at the same price.
  2. Just to bump this up the list : Rod Gearing has posted one over to me in Cyprus (which knowing our postal service will take about 2 weeks!) but he still has a few left if anyone else wants one.
    I'm standing by with my wet and dry, and a tin of bluebell!
  3. I like it, will you be doing Trafs or Astutes?
  4. Is it me, or are Submarines the most menacing piece of military hardware in the world?

    Nice model mate!
  5. Rod ,did you make the original model for the mold yourself?
  6. No,I got it whilst in Dolphin in 76.I think the originals were made by someone in the periscope workshop out of phosphabronze.
    The one I have was never finished off so it made it easier to reproduce.
    I have had 10 made up and have 7 left now.
  7. I only have the O/P boat model unfortunately.
  8. If I wasn't some skint, unemployed peasant, I'd buy one mate.
  9. Isn't that a "submersible" model? Don't real submarines stay under for a reasonable length of time? ... (now running away fast)

  10. ***ping***....***ping*** [​IMG] not fast enough.... [​IMG]

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