New Style Goretex Foully

Discussion in 'UPO' started by FAAFLYNAVY, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. Proberbly not on the right listing but does anyone know where I can buy the new style foully with the reflective stripes size 190/104?

    All I can find on ebay & surplus sites are used/issued.
  2. Stores.

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  3. Dear boy,
    Are you on the same planet as me? I asked a serious question, please extend me the politeness of a serious reply.
  4. Its seemed a serious reply to me, that's where I'd go to purchase one should I require another one.
  5. Chaz, as your still serving it's the reasonable thing to do, I last walked out of the gate in 1984, should I turn up at a shore establishment & say to the nice armed guard on the gate won't be a jiff, I'm just popping into the clothing store?

    Then after I've spent 4 hours banged up being investigated as to whether I'm a terrorist or just a raving lunatic I can then go home still without my new foully.

    If it's all right with you I'll stick with eBay.:smile:
  6. Ah, we wern't to know that!
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  7. You want a pusser's foulie but aren't in the pusser? You don't deserve a serious answer!
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  8. Fuckin hell I just bought an in issue cammo battledress.
    I ain't gotta go to Afghan have I?......It's going back.

  9. Your flight leaves Brize Norton a week on Monday.
  10. Arriving on the Friday!
  11. Sssh, don't tell him. He'll think he's on his holidays.
  12. It wouldn't be the first time I was coned.
    Thats how I ended up in fuckin Sarajevo whilst the bastards were still shooting at each other.
    Thats what comes of being trusting and helping people who cannot drive big wagons.
  13. FAAFLYNAVY......After nearly 30 years outside..why the **** do you still play dressing up as a sailor?

    let it go mate....try Go Outdoors they have some brills civvy kit, and you won't look a twat... I might have my very old "Sea shall not have them"...duffle coat in the loft somewhere, I'll let yer have it for free, which asylum are you at?
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  14. Well he ain't with me Spi.
  15. Which is what I said to all the ******* creaming their jeans over shall I shan't I wear mess dress.
    Now if you know where I can get a decent divers pulley to wear to the pub with my medals on...........
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  16. I was serious. Pussers foulies are for people in the RN. As Spidiver said, save yourself money, embarrassment and discomfort in nasty weather by buying a normal and better one from an outdoor shop.

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  17. No such thing as a decent diver...Froggers isn't even fuckin house trained yet!!
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'll send you a used one if you make a donation to the daft buggers taking a drive to Mongo land.
  19. Ben Grubbs?
  20. Gentlemen, & I use the term loosely, I'm trying to obtain this new style goretex foully for a rather large sea cadet who's CO doesn't have a clue, so any genuine help would be appreciated.

    But idiotic replies I could well do without.:salut:
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2013

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