new star?

My Dad reckons there is a new star in the sky - he went out looking for Andromeda and couldn't find it at first so got his big binocs out - says he nearly crapped himself - below Cassiopea - a third of the way to the horizon ...

we shall see

It is actually a comet, and for some reason it is shining thrice as bright, as normal,believed to be due to a collision, with some unknown debris and the comet is now shaped like a doh nut

It is visible to the naked eye, but binoculars or scope show it clearly slightly to the right of capeolla and forming an L shape to the star

Jack McHammocklashing RO9
G R. Was your dad just having a general look round the sky? Now he's over the initial shock, he must be chuffed to nuts that he's seen an event that's unique in his lifetime. He's probably kicking himself, though, that he wasn't looking through one of his big reflectors!

Thanks to Jack_McHammocklashing for the almost immediate explanation.
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