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New Star TREK Film


War Hero
Don't know how many on here have seen it, but I watched it last night and it was bloody brilliant, even Beloved, who doesn't 'get' sci fi, really enjoyed it.

Better even than Star Wars - better CGI etc than the first three, better acting and directing than the latter three! Well away


Edited because i'm a completel mongaliod and wrote WARS instead of TREK


War Hero
Super Moderator
Re: New Star Wars Film

No he means Star Wars, google Star Wars 7 and all will be revealed


Re: New Star Wars Film

Or maybe Star Wars : The Clone Wars , a full CGI film.

If it is Star Wars 7 then could I borrow his time machine, it's not released for another 12 years.

Star Wars 7


War Hero
Super Moderator
Re: New Star Wars Film

Hopefully the release date (2021) is a typo as Harrison Ford and the rest will be pushing up the astral daisies by then 8O


War Hero
Well, I seem to have egg all over my damn face.

I've been doing it all the bloody time, saying wars instead of trek.

Fine, what does everyone think of the new star W..TREK film!!!
I have to say I quite fancy going, even though I loathe sci-fi with a vengence (having to sit through Red Drawf, Star Trek (all 82 films and about 8 series, Star Wars 1-6, some people in Cheyenne Mountain, some other people who appear to have super powers, some more people who were airwrecked on an island, left and came back - WTF?, and now something called The Fringe).

I rather like Simon Pegg and I hear he is quite good as Scotty.


War Hero
Watched it Sun night and it's fantastic. Doesn't take it self too seriously, a bit tongue in cheek and bloody entertaining. The best Star Trek film made, by a long shot.


The best way to reinvent a franchise i think. I really liked the phaser fights, looked light a logical progression of human weapons rather than the original cheesy effects. Best character match was Bones. I took the flat mate who loathes Sci fi and he even "Liked" it. Well worth watching.


War Hero
".....Jim!...It's life....but not as we know it...."

These are the voyages of the Star Ship Enterprise..,Erm..yeah a fan..

I like the new movie.


War Hero
Saw it about a month ago and thought it was bloody fantastic. Not overly serious and trying to match the original TV show. Took the Mrs and kids and all had a good time.
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