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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JohnD, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Hey fellas, and ladies of course

    Guess i'm the latest newbie here. Joined the RN in 81 left in 85. Was an AB(Radar) What a blast that was. Spent most of my drafts on Type 21s. Had some real memorable times.

    Spent the first year in civvy street as a security guard and then by luck got into construction and trained up as an electrician.

    Move forward 25 years and still an electrician and now its becoming a boring routine. Six years ago i found a new hobby, Airbrushing. the murals and other stuff that artists paint on bikes etc. Got into it in a big way, all my free time spent painting.
    Took 6 months off work 4 years ago and went to Italy where i worked in a studio in Modena as an airbrush artist. fell out with the guy running the studio and ended up back in construction. The good thing that came out of my italian experience was i met my beautiful italian girl friend who means the world to me.

    Now i continue to do the sparking but in my spare time i help her paint artwork on some real unusual objects such as lighters, pens etc. We're the only 2 people in the country that can do this quality art on small objects. Most of the stuff we do goes out to collectors around the world. the business is in its infancy, we struggle with the business and marketing side, as our desire to paint means that we sometimes neglect this aspect. But it sure beats the hell out of working on a building site all day :)


  2. Welcome aboard mate.

    Good to hear that all those days spent painting the ships side top coat grey did not go unused. :)
  3. Hey
    Just maybe we have found a willing volunteer to design the RR mascot!
  4. Welcome to the madhouse Fellow Son of Dryad. Can you also still do your paintings upside down and backwards.

    Nutty RP2
  5. Do you still use Pussers grey??
  6. Welcome onboard shippers pull up a bollard and have a wet.
  7. The stuff on your site is awesome!welcome shippers.How much to paint the new Iron Maiden CD cover picture on my Smart car door panels?

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