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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. Conservative backbencher John Bercow has won the race to become the next Commons Speaker.

    I dislike all politicians at the moment but it made me as happy as a polecat ferret in a rabbit warren to see the abject dismay on the faces of the Tory benches when the result was announced.

    The nonsense is that it has to be approved by Mrs Windsor who in reality has sweet FA to do with it other than it being an anachronistic hangover from a bygone era.
  2. Actually, given the current state of elected politics, I quite value having an appointed House of Lords and a politically neutral Head of State.
  3. Yeah brilliant I'm glad you're happy parliament just screwed up that decision because it put Cameron's nose out of joint- we're all gonna have to live with it until he fancies giving it up though.

    "We do have to reform but I just want to say that I continue to believe that the vast majority of members of this House are upright, decent, honourable people who have come into politics, not to feather their nests, but because they have heeded the call of public service," John Bercow

    Translation: "stick with me comrades and we'll make this little mess go away in no time without too many problems or changes. Noses can get back in troughs soon, in the meantime who wants to vote on a pay rise?"

    Whilst I hope the Tories stuff Labour and the LDs stick the tax and spend party into 3rd, in my opinion it would be better for British politics if the new speaker loses his seat.
  4. It's only going to be until the next election.

    There's a protocol dictating that the Speaker stands unopposed in their constituency. Except at the last election, the SNP stood against Speaker Martin. So watch this space.

    Anyway, it could've been worse. It could've been Beckett.
  5. Or Mr you can pay for my video camera Young.
  6. Why the lords are bent as well !! :D
  7. No disciple of New Labour that I am yesterday for me was politics at it’s best when New Labour completely stymied Clan Cameron’s attempts to get old guard Cecil B Young elected. :)
  8. "politics at its best"

    I trust you are being sarcastic.

    Why are you a "practising socialist" is that because no socialists have actually become any good at it yet?
  9. ...and every time they practice, they drag the country to its knees
  10. Mind you there are some that would suggest that the Tories made Labour elect the speaker instead of the nice Ms Becket who was being pushed quite hard by the whips if Westminster scuttlebut was to be believed.

    I for one will wait to see how he gets on before passing judgement. In reallity Mr Martin was the exception rather than the rule and most previous speakers I can remember changed completely in that role.
  11. Do you mean the ones that gave workers rights such as annual holiday pay and don't Doctors practise? :)

    As for me, well I am never to old to learn.
  12. I'd have bought tickets to see that!

    I was rather hoping that the good Mistress Widecombe might have been given it (the job). That could have been rather fun.
  13. I must admit I only heard about of the radio so can't help you more there

    Fun perhaps but since she started farting about with fatties and the like on TV she has sort of lost the gravitas needed for the post and as she onl;y planned to be there for a few months it would all have been pointless.
  14. Seems he is the first 'Red Sea Pedestrian' to hold the post of Speaker
  15. Seems that he has stated that he will not be taking his second homes allowance.
    Could this be the start of the reformed system of MPs expenses?
  16. Les

    I can assure you that most peers bat for your side, not mine! :biggrin:

  17. Maxi_77. I’m not sure the new fellah’s likely to be there for more than a few months, either!
  18. I followed it avidly at work yesterday until 2050! Sooooo exciting! :twisted:
  19. Lets be a republic lead by a president. you can shoot them!
  20. Yes it would be nice to have an elected Head of State, do you think Mr Bercow could sort that one out?

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