New Space arms race!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tr313, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. could not get in lovie
  2. PARANIOD....comes to mind ..They only wory and complain because they were not first to do this......... And now we've messed up our planet its outer spaces turn....FFS....
  3. The Chinese have the same rights as the rest of the world when it comes to the arms race.
    Having worked in China for many years I don't believe that they pose a threat to the west. Not in a warlike sense anyway, they are happily taking our cash for consumer items and are definitely winning the manufacturing war.
  4. I think they're just trying to speed up their take-away delivery service....
  5. But they were not the first to do this Josie, both the US and the Soviet Union were completing tests long ago, Reagan and his "Star Wars" and all that. Of course the worry is that another Nation now has the capabilty to knock satellites from space but as the report says, another problem is the crap that it leaves behind or falls to earth.As you say, we've fcuked up the planet, why not do the same thing to space!!!!Ain't progress a wonderful thing!! :evil: :evil:
  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Whether China are first or onehundred and first in space, there are a lot of them and need or will need lebensraum, raw materials, food, water. They are already looking at Africa.

    BBC link

    China may not have military ambitions for the sake of conquest, but it may need a military to move up the property ladder when its family gets too big. A good reason for the UK and NATO having a credible defence.

    See the Trident renewal thread.
  7. Surely a reasonable excuse for 1SL and CDS to try and get some more cash just in case anything kicks off that particularly potentially volatile region of the world; what with Koreas and other things just waiting for a spark...?

  8. all they need is a dozen of those missiles and the West is knackered!No GPS,no Spy sats,a case of "Look what we can do!!!" i think.
  9. I seem to remember reading somewhere a while back (yes I know it's vague) that the Chinese could absolutely wreck the West economically inside a couple of years by flooding markets with underpriced materials and withdrawing their financial backing to the large number of companies they have managed to get involved in over the years making everything go bust.

    Either that or all jumping up and down at the same time .... :???:

  10. The Chinese are sending a definite message here, especially in the timing of the tests. The satellite they hit was in LEO at 587 miles. This makes almost all US surveillance sats vulnerable. The GPS sats are higher at 12,600 miles and consist of 29 satellites in 6 constellations. The Chinese also have a huge laser array that has been pinging US satellites for the past 3 years without much reporting of these events.

  11. Tom Clancy. The Bear and the Dragon. Coincedence. You tell me.

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