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As I mentioned in the previous daily orders, 'Gizzits, Slops & Pussers Stuff' has been a department of the Amazon store named '@open24' since 2018.
Now it is time for a change.
A change which allows for all things Pusser, all things Nautical, all things Seafaring, to be gathered under one deckhead.

So, 'Gizzits, Slops & Pussers Stuff' will be towed away to the breakers yard on December the 1st and will be replaced by a new, shiny, bigger and better site.
This new SLOPS site has direct links to some other great sites including Jack's Taxi, Navy Wings, The Royal Navy Research Archive, and HMS Tiger Association's website.

SLOPS – The PUSSERS STORE and will be launched on, or as closest to December the 1st as possible, to replace the old stores.

The new SLOPS has a SHIPS LIBRARY, with factual, fiction, and practical books and sections with books about the SBS and Commandos, even the Merchant Navy.

The SCRAN BAG, as you would expect, is where you find clothing designed for the RN, RM, SBS and the FAA.

SHINEY GIZZITS will reveal pins, badges, cufflinks, watches, Bosuns Calls, Rum Measures, Wallets, Purses, key fobs and more.

Lots of NAUTICAL KIT like Pussers Dirks, Torches, Compasses, Sextants, Shackle Keys, Brass Diving Helmets, and Buntings signal Flags, etc.

While ODDS, SODS & RUM has, well, just about everything else, such as Models – ready constructed and in kit form, Coins & Medals, Posters, Calendars and other wall art, Mugs, notebooks, Rugs, Camping Stools, Tiger Balm, RN Brand Chilli Sauce, Home Décor and whatnots.

Oh, and there is RUM… some stuff you will be familiar with and those you may not, along with some rarer offerings.

Wherever possible, SLOPS – The PUSSERS STORE shows MoD licenced goods, which help support many military charities, and goods supplied and/or crafted by ex- RN or other military personnel.

Keep your ears open and your head up for the announcement of the opening of SLOPS – The PUSSERS STORE and be one of the first to visit.
See you there.
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