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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nutty, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. I keep hearing the word snaggy being used for runs ashore, ditd etc. so I did a search on Snaggy+slang and came up with:

    "A problem or drawback.

    Example: The snag is there is not enough funding
    Thesaurus: complication, hitch, difficulty, glitch, obstacle, hindrance, impediment, barrier, stumbling block, bug (slang)."

    This may well apply to its user but what does 'he' mean by the use of the word. How many other recent, 2000 onwards slang words have I missed while pissed in the RNA (honest I am not a member it was a joke)

    Could it be

    "Snaggy 2 up, 1 down

    nice, flattering (only used in speaking of articles of clothing)

    What snaggy pants!!!"

  2. One i heard alot whilst recently down in the Falkland Islands on Chatham, was 'safeguard' lol, me being a new middy i thougt some kind of SHIPEX was on, silly me, i should have realised that it just meant 'honest mate'.
    Lol, also, with a play on being 'shedders' was the follow through in rough seas or after the aforementioned sucessful run-ashore of being 'chedders', a lovely way to describe being as battered and smelling of puke as old cheese.
  3. The Falklands having been mentioned, who remembers "Bennies" "Andies" and "Stills"?
  4. Bennies...? Falkland Islanders! :lol:

    Hush! Don't tell them, anyone... :roll:
  5. :D

    Oh the times we've had.
  6. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    'Snaggy' means perverted, or twisted in an inoffensive manner. Someone who likes walking around in the ship during working hours wearing his missuses farting lanyard* under his overalls and has a vibrator in his torch pocket may be described as 'snaggy'. Like they do.


    *farting lanyard = thong
  7. Safeguard came from when you wanted to do exercises but not prefix them with "for exercise x 3" .... so everything appeared to be real.... so to make a real event stand out you prefixed with Safeguard. It then got into the slang to mean real, honest, no shit :)
  8. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    To emphasise the genuinity of the following fact, one would offer 'Safeguard, all clips, green foulies'

    Or for official verification of an incredulous dit one could say, "Good dit, no shit, ask any cunt."

  9. I was in Asda with a mate opposite Collingwood a few years ago witnessing a domestic between boyfriend and girlfriend, he said something along the lines of " I never callled her or went to see her, I haven't seen her for a month , safeguard"
    It was at this point that she slapped him and screamed "I don't fucking believe you just safeguarded me in Asda you anchor faced bastard" and stormed off.
    Ahh, Jack and jenny relationships, those long winter nights must just fly by playing uckers and detailing each other off to do mess cooks.
  10. Not really a sland word as such, but there was a great habit on Killicks course of waiting for someone to be mid boring dit or just getting to an excited punchline when you stuck your palm right in their face and sadi "Yeach, cheers then", they would try to continue and you would di it again.
    To be continued as many times as you like until a flash is achieved.

    Come on, who will be firt to sya it???
  11. Farting lanyard !!! Oh fcuk me Levers...where do you get em from...thats a gem !
  12. Another strange one was the wonderful "Safety", said loudly and clearly right before breaking wind near an oppo, therefore supposidly making it "legal!"
  13. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    "Clear aft" or "Command approved" was the usual term a few years ago.

    "Now, that's the horn tested, let's do the headlights" or "You've ripped that now. You'll have to buy it" is another.

  14. When somebody coughed in their rompers, the exchange used to be:

    "Who's sh*t?"

    "Your's if you get it DCd."
  15. Best form of that one I heard was "Safeguard, 12 clips on, charged hoses in mess decks and buffer's kids on the focsle in foulies."

    Bit of a mouthful though.
  16. damn it, just prezza'd in a taxi.
  17. Still a classic when trapping ashore is the "Gronk hunt" which is always nasty on the waking up, though i have to ask if anyone knows the term "Firing war shots" when forgetting contraception? an oppo was bemoaning the fact she "he was firing war shots and she knew where his pit was" if she discovered that diaboloical predicament of being up the duff....
  18. FX<sticks palm in Lingyai's face> "Yeah Cheers Then" !!!!!!
  19. Castle-ette , said as one word , [ a ladys aroma down in the cellar area ] , honest !!!!!!!!!!!!!,as taken from the Green Wing , have even got all the barmaids in the workies believing it , and most of the blokes as well , I asked one of the girls if her Castle-ette was ok and she informed me that hers was nicely washed and buffed [followed by a filthy laugh], amazing how these words catch on , go on try it ,you may get some strange looks though , :roll: :lol:
  20. Can always rely on you Lingyai , would loved to have witnessed that one , fancy be'ing Safeguarded in ASDA hehehe :lol: :cry:

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