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New Sky TV Series - Tell us your stories

Please note that this is posted with the permission of Rum Ration

Leopard Films is currently producing a series for Sky Real Lives with a working title of Forces Reunited.

Our aim is to tell the stories of the brave men and women who form the British Armed Forces - we will also look through the eyes of the partners, parents and families who stand by their sides.

Leopard is looking for contributors who would love to be reunited with someone - or have already tracked down their long-lost and want to share their story.

The stories may be about personnel returning home to be reunited with their families, siblings who’ve been torn apart in a conflict, Second World War or National Service buddies meeting up again.

Perhaps you are looking for some friends you knew from an old posting? Maybe you lost touch after leaving the forces. Tell us about it – even if you’ve already found them.

Maybe one of you is from a family with an military tradition – get in touch and tell us what that’s like – how’s life changed down the generations?

We would love for you to get in touch with us and tell us a different side to the usual story of military life. Please e mail us at [email protected] with a brief outline of your story and your contact details and we’ll be in touch. We will consider each story in confidence in the first instance.

We know that some people may be concerned about privacy and security as we're asking you to discuss sensitive subjects - please read below - we are experienced in dealing with these types of stories. We’re talking to the MOD about this series and will take their lead on any security matters.

Many thanks

Leopard Films’ exemplary track record in building and maintaining relationships with organisations means we are in a perfect position to make this series. We have become known for warm, engaging production values in this live-based genre and will draw extensively on our experience with Evacuees Reunited, RTS-nominated MISSING LIVE and LIFEGIVERS, shows which have broad appeal across the nation and have been commended in Parliament.
On the flipside of that, If some extremely petite and stunningly good-looking American chick called Amber from Kentucky contacts you lot, put the phone down for me. She'll be looking for a Leading Hand off HMS Cardiff she met in Antigua 2004. Tell her to fcuk off as she's hands down the most unhinged bunny boiler I have ever thrown my muck up.


War Hero
Montigny_La_Palisse said:
On the flipside of that, If some extremely petite and stunningly good-looking American chick called Amber from Kentucky contacts you lot, put the phone down for me. She'll be looking for a Leading Hand off HMS Cardiff she met in Antigua 2004. Tell her to fcuk off as she's hands down the most unhinged bunny boiler I have ever thrown my muck up.

Please ignore what the above just said.

Don't hang up,
Do take a number.
Pass it on to Rumrat c/o The Nova hotel room 3 where I will be waiting with bated breath, durex and chloroform.

PS> Don't come near my house, wife still chases the Postman.


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Book Reviewer
Mod Mode: Please note the relevance of the request and the forum in which it is posted - please keep your comments on topic; previous posts above are more (in)appropriate for "Lil's", not in "Nearest & Dearest". Tone it down, fellas...

:oops: :roll:

Edited to add: Link to Leopard Films website, for those who wish to verify the authenticity of the company.
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