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Unless you live in a fucking cave, you'll notice something different with RR. The new software has been installed and the site has a new look. Now some things are missing and will take a little time to return, so don't throw a paddy. These things take time. Feel free to have a whinge about the loss of any medals, likes etc on here. Alternatively, feel free to have a play on this thread to see how you get along. Essentially, things are pretty much the same as with the old look. You'll get used to it.
Under "Edit signature" - looks like full sigs haven't appeared complete. Had a look at trying to edit, but cannot find any way to do it a.t.t. (appears thus:- SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] Schizophrenics are people too - just more of them).

Over to you.



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I'm guessing Janner posted a video url using the image (photograph icon) instead of the media icon (film roll) which embeds a video screenshot - hence the lack of picture.


A video posted using the image icon:

A video posted using the media icon:

Anyway, who cares, we've got new buttons.
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