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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Bad CO, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Although not yet added to the new fandango menu bar we have two new site features for you all to try:

    1. Rum Ration Blogs. Keep us all up to date with your news/views/whatever!

    2. The RRpedia. A wiki/naval encyclopedia for your enjoyment!
  2. Rum Ration Blogs cant get in need mods permission?
  3. Apologies for my stupidity - that was just whilst I was testing but should work now.
  4. These have now been added to the menu. Great work BCO.
  5. I have just created two entries in the RRpedia but I am not clear if I have done them right as they do not appear in any indexes. I will add to both of them later, especially the Ganges entry.

    They are as follows:-

    RNXS - an an orphan entry - there does not seem to be a suitable category for it, as an auxiliary force.

    HMS Ganges - in the Royal Navy category

    Can anyone help? :???:

    Could we perhaps also have a Personalities category to add references to interesting people like Sam Dicosta - these would mean that newbies who have not read our earlier postings could quickly understand a thread when us oldies are referring back to something from the past. I also fancy adding an entry for Higgy's French Bird from Cannes! :grin:

    PS: Will someone write an entry for Sam the Man Dicosta? I'm not up to it!
  6. Just added a quick blog to test the system , first time I've ever done a blog , site gets better & better BZ to all concerned , impressed , :wink:
  7. I'm confused. I thought RR was a Blog. Is a Blog something else? :oops: :shock: :???: :???: :???:
  8. This is a forum, blogs are online diaries. Do try and move with the times Always!
  9. Thanks Rosie. I feel so embarrassed... :oops: :lol:

  10. Dont be embarrassed to much "AAC" , I never knew exactly what a blog was either , most of this is all new to me , I'd love to be able to put pictures by my signature but havent a bloody clue , Josies going to come round one day & show me how its done , not this week though , [nights]
  11. Wikis (of which the RRpedia is an example) are quite unique pieces of we software. The key thing to remember is that anyone can edit any page. Thus if you feel that you need a particular category or page then create one .....

    Getting to grips with the functionality can take a bit of effort but is well worth while although beware that it can be VERY addictive. The ARRSEpedia has a very good tutorial and help section that should assist you get to grips with the RRpedia.
  12. I am impressed fellas....will contribute to wiki when I have some spare time.
  13. Will you write up the entry for Higthepig so that it can be cross-linked to the topic on The French Bird? :wink:
  14. I entered a few things int he Wiki but mainly crossed them over from what I had originally entered in the arrse one. Feel free to play around with it :wink:
  15. I dont care what you write AAC as long as you dont go down that fecking gay route again.
  16. Is there something you would like to tell us Higgy? :wink: :lol:


    One of the rocks that keeps RR firmly anchored to reality. He once famously said 'I shagged a French bird once'. This momentous event alledgedly occured in Cannes.

    Formerly a furry ex-Stoker...
  17. It`s brilliant…I`ve made full use of the blogg….and the great thing is you can tinker with it.
  18. Seems to work well …it takes links and pictures... I have added a story.

    For all you watchkeepers out there who are bored and fedup ….check out my NEW blogg now and .. lose the will to live.

    ps. Bad_CO….the posting clock is an hour slow.
  19. Excellent Blog UA. I've been wondering what you look like for ages, and now I know.


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