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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Good_CO, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. As you may have noticed we've had an upgrade, both of software and look.

    There are still some minor issues to clear up (eg. missing icons, position of theme change blocks in footer), but I've made it live as it's certainly good enough to use.

    I will write an FAQ about the new theme / functions now, so please hold off on the questions until I do.
  2. Appearance and the front page:

    The main thing is the main image. This is drawn from the gallery here: and contributions are very welcome. I will post separately about this.

    There is a "useful tools" link in the Highlights section. This is a set of links to things like recent posts.

    From our sponsors / empty space: There's some untidyness and slack on the left that will go in the fullness of time.

    What's new:

    Last 50 posts (link in footer, front page and I will add it to the menu main shortly)

    Who's Online - the old list that was on the front page, now a separate page. Link from header / front page.

    Search - by default we now use Google search which searches all of ARRSE / RR / RP etc, or just the forums. The old search system is still available and there is a link at the bottom of the search page.

    Messages - when logged in you will see how many new messages you have on the very right of the menu bar.

    Sitemap (did we have this before? Can't remember) Link in footer, header menu (help), front page and DII icon on the left of the menu for users of IE6 (if you don't know what DII is don't worry about it).

    Theme switch (RN / RM. Worksafe to come) - in the footer.

    I'll keep going later but have some bug fixes to do.
  3. New wiki articles for Help / The Basics. Link in header menu and footer. My god does the wiki need an overhaul!
  4. I think it looks good. BZ!
  5. Thanks and I'm really glad you like it. As you can guess it was a lot of work even though based on the ARRSE themes, and I've a way to go yet.
  6. Just installed some updates, then logged on here 8O and thought..."Oops! :error: What have I done this time?" :scratch:

    Looks OK though
  7. Better layout, much more professional looking :D
  8. OK, I have to leave it for a while now. I've killed quite a few bugs, but I'm sure I've missed loads. If anybody spots any or has any questions please post here and I'll check later.

    Thanks slim :)
  9. Like the look and feel of the new look RR.

    Well done to the guys in the back. :thumbright:
  10. Yeah Bonzer mate Great new look and feel to it :computer: BZ
  11. I like it, have we got a flag officer visiting?
  12. I see I still have 65533 messages in my inbox.........but I think if I didnt I'd miss it, its been so long !! Apart from that I like it, very user friendly
  13. Looks great! :D :cheers:
  14. Nice one
  15. Now cured... again. This is the ever lasting bug. Every software release I hope it will be fixed. At least the temporary fix is easy.


    I've just cured a layout problem in the PMs that was making them unreadable. You may need to press CTRL and F5 together (Windows / Linux) to force your browser to refresh and make the layout correct.


    Thanks for the positive feedback!
  16. Don't think so as can't spell freshly applied paint ...
  17. Sorry, the site is fine and quite easy to use, but the front page has gone from 20 to 10, not a good thing in my opinion.
  18. Blimey! Thought I'd got the wrong site. It looks so fresh. BZ.

    Keep Striving
  19. Womps... all those messages are fan mail! :)

    Just getting used to new site and our Mascot. Does the Rum Rat actually have a nickname yet?

    I look forward to merchantise bearing our new logo. :razz:

  20. Don't panic Hig - just click the "last 50" bit.


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