New Sea Ceptor missiles to be developed for Royal Navy

Apparently named after a line of Casio watches, well done that man...

try and pass it off as a phonological misunderstanding with the clerk/problems with spelling at main building and rename it Sea Sceptre? much better..
Typical slack journalism.
Nowhere does it explain how we`ll manage to give BAe half a billion quid for nothing.
Probably because we're already contractually obliged to fill their pockets with cash even though the project is only in the crayons phase.

500m? It will be treble that and late and they bloody well know it.


Lantern Swinger

There is a duplicate thread on "The Fleet" page.

This link was posted there by soleil ;

MoD signs £500m missile defence deal | Business | The Guardian

and I posted a comment ;

"Good news (?) - but bloody stupid name, the average matelot will find numerous ways to mis-spell it.

I somehow doubt the "500 mile radius" - it would make the Type 45's missiles look a bit anaemic, but 5 miles would be too small for present threats. I find the idea that the Army and RAF will use it quite amusing as well. The BIG question will be what radar/control system will be used or developed for it.

Where does this leave the Aster 15 ( name correct ?) ?

Need more info (and a simpler name - all "PR" geeks should be shot)."
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