New Sculpture for HMS Raleigh

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. Oh FFS - what is the point and how much money has that wasted?
  2. How the F**k is that meant to inspire 3,000 people a year?
  3. The next additions to the Fleet? all stacked up and ready to go?
  4. Whats wrong with a bloody big anchor?
  5. We must have loads of spare ones lying around in dockyards .... :-(
  6. Flymo, check your PMs.
  7. Oops, reading it now - sorry.
  8. That would look nice in my garden, adjacent to a large pond constructed especially for it. Surely a watchtower would be better for Raleigh's lads and lasses... as a deterrent to abscondees? :twisted:

    ...or a tall mast to practice climbing, painting, chipping off paint, repainting, falling off, feeling pride at having conquered a fear, etc

    Just imagine the pride of mothers and feminists when the RN produced its first Button Girl!
  9. WHY????????
    We are billions over budget on ship building, so lets just waste some more on a heap of junk!
    Makes me so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!!!

  10. Spot on, Bloody good idea 8) But I`m sure thats been done before some where. :(
  11. Would a button girl ascend in white trousers or a wide white skirt? o_O
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    WTF does that have to do with the RN? :eek:mg:

    Some jokers seem to have lost grip on reality. :angry7:
  13. Thingy. a bit like:


    Sorry, Home Waters rig only.
  14. Just what I was thinking. scuse me I`ve got to go now :D
  15. Heathen! :lol:

    Go wash you mouth out with Lysol and a bar of pussers hard. o_O
  16. Seem to remember 3 cutters piled on top of each other at Jupiter Point , so no artistic merit someone had an old pick of said cutters and Photoshoped it into that . :roll:
  17. It's designed to become a shite hawk magnet so the newbies and men under pun (sorry, non-PC....Persons under pun) can scrape and polish the sh1t off

    To digress are MUP's now known as PUP's ,as some of the girlies are dogs (feck, Non-PC, done it again :oops: )

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